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  1. The hay is in the barn now, just a few hours.
  2. That was one heck of a Frankfort team too, even though they lost their stars early that year there was still plenty of speed and they played disciplined football. That was a great game by both teams. Frankfort almost did it at the end but Bellevue hung on just long enough to escape.
  3. No shock here. Good luck in the future coach!
  4. They didn't play the whole season. It wasn't like they just missed that one game. Plus Frankfort was a very good team with out them so arguing that those guys didn't play in that game is irrelevant.
  5. That 1977 game brought Bellevue their first state championship. I look for the tigers to move to 3-0 all time against the panthers, Bellevue 18 Frankfort 14
  6. The tigers need to control the clock and the ball. Frankfort definitely has the speed advantage but they did two years ago and Bellevue managed to come out of there with a victory. Should be a good one.
  7. Thoughts on this one? Interesting match up as the tigers travel to the capital.
  8. When it comes to never was Eddie Bane from Holmes in the late 90's was a guy who had a lot of looks that never got to play in college.
  9. If he doesn't beat Ryle I believe he is done. If he gets blown out, I think you can almost guarantee he will be gone. On the flip side a big win could go a long way for him considering this isn't the most talented of Boone teams.
  10. Good job tigers! Some people thought this was a potential upset but the tigers came out and proved they are still very tough.
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