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  1. Raceland is getting better each game.The little things cost them serveral games in the first couple of weeks.This team could be anywhere around 10-3 to 12-1 if they could have done the little things that the coaching staff asked them to do. They still have not played a complete game. Three of the 5teams that they played in the last week or so have been down so the younger players are getting some varisty time against them. (imo)
  2. I heard something about Roark coaching this team.
  3. Does anyone have info on this game I got there late.
  4. This was played at Bath County for the championship in the 16th Region "All A" Josh Wilson pitched for the Rams and Tyler Brown for the Eagles. Stats will be later when I get them if not already post by someone else.
  5. Raceland has some asst. coaches that has been or could be a very good head coach for some high school I hope they stay until my son finishes school. I would put this coaching staff up against any in the state.
  6. Raceland won this game 15-1. Raceland started Drew Darby in this game and the 7th grader threw a very good game then Shawn Reynolds pitched the 4th to get some work in and John Scott Carver pitched the 5th to close it out. Raceland has thrown back to back no-hitters. This team is getting better each day they play together. The jv players came in the game in the bottom of the 3rd and scored on misques but they did not give up a hit. I believe every starter got on in this game and every player played for Raceland.
  7. Raceland plays Meniffe County saturday at Bath County
  8. Very good game to watch Raceland is making little mistakes in the field. That has cost them serveral games this year. They could have been undefeated if they just catch the ball. This team can be real good if they just do the litttle things.
  9. I was told that Shepherd set the state record for scoreless ininngs in this game.
  10. I think the pitching for the Rams was good enough to win both games. That was the big question mark to start the season. The Rams just are not hitting the ball and making the plays they should make, but it just the first week lets hope they make them in May.
  11. Josh Wilson pitched for Raceland. Raceland should have won this game had runners in scoring position a couple of times with one out and could not get the runner in, also had bases loaded with one out and did not score. Give Boyd County credit they got the outs when they needed them. Boyd's pitchers was Moore and Wilder with Wilder getting the win.
  12. I was told that Russell's coach resigned.(Ron Reed)
  13. Raceland starts the season off Boyd County then plays Greenup County on tuesday at Raceland. Raceland pitching is going to get a test right out of the gate. Any thoughts about the two games have not seen alot on here about Boyd County.
  14. He has to wait until July. That is when his year is up. Someone from the team told me that.
  15. I was told that Greenup is playing Wheelersburgh at Greenup saturday at 3:00pm. Anybody know for sure.
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