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  1. Alex Grant who coached at Heritage would be a fabulous choice.
  2. My daughter goes to Lipscomb. Does have a very nice program and school. The boys team got 2nd place in Conference to Florida Gulf Coast, who they split the series this year. That or Belmont would be a good choice, but here rooting for Lipscomb, Nashville is a great town. I played baseball with his dad, very exciting for Adam...
  3. That Simon Kenton / Mason County game in the Lloyd Invitational was the consolation game of that tournament, Little did we know at the time that would be a preview of the State Championship game. Lloyd beat Simon Kenton in that LIT that year.
  4. They beat Covington Latin in Consolation game of Cougar Classic on Saturday January 28th 75-66 to break a 46 game losing streak (not 56 as previously stated)
  5. They broke a 56 game losing streak in the win...
  6. The 9th Region Coaches Associations awards is on Thursday Nov 10th. Thats when they will be announced.
  7. He had an offer from Lipscomb University in Nashville which is Division I
  8. I seen that group Sandman, the 1981 Villa group with Lori Erpenbeck leading the way...
  9. Those were the days, it was actually 1981. That is when they had 7-0 Skunks and whitewashes (15 to 1-3), before rally scoring. Anybody remember those days. Those years had some long games, when you had to serve to score...
  10. She will be a good hire for Notre Dame. I responded on reply 26 that she had put in for this. She worked under Dick Maile at Beechwood. Remember when Reds hired Sparky Anderson in 1970, the headline was Sparky Who?.. She will get the respect out of the players, and they will love playing for her. Congrats Mia...
  11. Still good pitching will stop good hitting all the time. They didn't hit, but again great pitching.
  12. Good pitching beats good hitting all the time. Coaching has nothing to do with that aspect.
  13. He was safe. Never got tagged, my angle was good. Bang, Bang play which you would thought he was out, but never tagged.
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