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Congrats to Jonathan Ferguson 1000 Points

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I got to watch the Elliott-Lewis game tonight and Ferguson is unreal. He was 14-20 from the field had 2 or 3 asst. and 5 more really nice passes that weren't converted. The twin's were impressive as well scoring in double figure's and several asst and board's each. Elliott has a well rounded team. Eighth grader Timmy Knipp had 15 point's along with several steal's and several block's. Future is bright for that bunch of kid's!!!!!!!!

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How long has he been on the varsity time and seeing minutes in order to reach 1000 by his 10th grade year?

He played limited min. his 8th grade year and scored 114. Last year as a freshman he started and scored 601. This year as a soph. he scored his 285th in 12 games=1000

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