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  1. This is a very different concept of God as a detached watch maker who essentially makes the universe, winds it up and sits back to glance at it occasionally. My understanding is that of a caring Father who loves each of us so much that He was willing to send His only begotten Son to become one of us, live a flawless life as we all should live only to be misunderstood, beaten, spit upon, crucified, dead, buried and to rise again from the grave to take on the full burden and pay the penalty for my sins in full... just so I can love Him and bring Him honor and glory forever. I can underst
  2. My point is, these guys were so intimately intertwined with God and their faith in Him, that they were open about it with all who would listen. God was real and present and personal to them. He was not some distant, mythical, imagined concept in their minds. Paul was imprisoned, stoned (with rocks thrown at him... come on... don't go there... lol), shipwrecked, beaten and yet he did not stop sharing the Gospel. I will grant you that TT and the Apostle Paul are two very different cats... but the notion of sincerely and genuinely expressing the Good News is a trait we are strongly enco
  3. I am truly curious how some of you would respond to other believers who constantly gave God credit and spoke openly of their faith in public forums. Do any of you honestly believe that if someone stuck a TV camera in the face of King David, Paul of Tarsus, Peter the fisher of men, James, John, Bartholomew, Timothy, John the Baptist or Jesus of Nazareth; there’s not one of them that would praise God and encourage faith in Him?
  4. I have no knowledge of any of that, and consequently no axe to grind with Big Ben. All I know is there's room at the cross for all who choose to believe and repent. I believe, and find myself repenting daily. While Tebow inspires, guys like Rothlisberger give hope to guys like me.
  5. I believe the point is that at one time, Big Ben was an "on fire" believer too. He experienced success beyond his years (I know of no other QB posting a 15-0 record in their first 15 starts in the NFL) before the pull of the world wooed him away... only to find him returning to his Christian roots in the past couple of years. In Tebow we see a kid raised to be a missionary... an evangelist... a leader of humility and quiet strength. In Rothlisberger, we see a prodigal son come home. Both reflect what it is to be a repentant and forgiven sinner... a Christian. :thumb:
  6. No one... at least not myself, is taking anything away from any of Tebow's teammates. I said as much in my last post. Kyle Orton had the same teammates and was 1-4 as the starting QB this season. I played the game... at least through high school. I know all too well that it takes 11 guys at a time doing their jobs very well to win consistently. I also know that perspective is an interesting thing… Counting his three starts at the end of last season resulting in a 1-2 record, and his current 8-4 record this season, Tim Tebow is 9-6 in his first 15 starts as an NFL QB. John Elway
  7. This kid took a broken season (1-4) for Denver and went on a 7-1 run of ugly wins as he adjusted to the big time, and put them in the playoff picture for the first time since 2006. In his first true season of meaningful playing time, he took a team of doubters and made them believers. He hasn’t done it with super human strength, but with very obvious human imperfections. He doesn’t suck up the glory for his successes or pass the buck to blame others for his failures. Yes, he had the help of all his teammates, a stubborn defense and a gifted kicker… but so did Kyle Orton. No one can arg
  8. I wonder if Tebow will get to keep his job next season... :lol:
  9. John 1:1-18 are among my favorites in the entire Bible. John leaves absolutely no doubt about who Jesus was/is.
  10. In my part of the state, wood or coal fueled home fireplaces are ubiquitous. I have no doubt that the air quality gains made at the power plant that efficiently burns coal to produce electricity with millions of dollars of filtration systems already in place, will be more than offset by greater home use of unfiltered wood and coal fires for heat throughout our region. It will not be long before the freedom to burn wood or coal at home for heat is regulated and possibly even outlawed. What do you think the whole Carbon Credit scam Al Gore was peddling was all about? Under Gore's masterplan,
  11. :lol: Again, I appreciate the humor. I can't speak for Tim, but as for me I can honestly state that my wife is as beautiful to me on the outside as I am sure Giselle is to Tom... and that's just on the outside. I do not know Tom or Giselle personally, but I have a difficult time imagining that Mrs. Tom Brady is anywhere near as beautiful on the inside as my wife is. Again, I do not envy Tom Brady in any way... I cannot imagine Tim Tebow does either. I wish them the greatest joy in their marriage. I have no doubt that Tim has a beautiful "godly" woman in his future. All things in d
  12. I get the intended humor FKYW, but I don't sincerely believe Tebow looks at Brady that way... I know I don't. I do not envy Tom Brady in any way. I admire his skills, he is a tremendous competitor.
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