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  1. EC had a shot to tie at the buzzer. I wouldn't say they were beaten handily.
  2. I dont really understand the point you are trying to make. My point was in response to Swamp Thang post about Elliott Co. Obviously, he was tired of reading/ hearing about "tiny Elliott County," so why doesnt he just quit reading about them.:thumb:
  3. I really dont understand some of you on this board. If you dont want to hear or read about Elliott Co, like you make it sound in post like this, why do you click on their threads and read them? Makes no sense to me.:idunno:
  4. That's the big key for Elliott. Anderson County kept the last game close because they had to have 30+ 2nd chance points. If Elliott County outrebounds Anderson this go around then they win, regardless. If Anderson kills EC on the glass again then they are going to be tough to beat.
  5. You got that right. I can not believe that any Elliott Co. or Holmes supporter would even be thinking about this game at this point.
  6. They better get Davis if they can, he isn't going to be an assistant very much longer. My sources tell me he would listen if they came after him.
  7. He is one of the most humble and modest kids you'll ever meet.:thumb: BTW, if Ferg shoots it then it probably goes it.
  8. Right, but holding yourself back isn't going to get you a scholly. Kids should understand that in advance. If you don't have an understanding of the work that has to be put in to being with, then your probably wasting your time doing it anyway. If they think there is an easy road then they midas well just move on. If they don't achieve what they want you can only blame yourself.
  9. I also agree with those statements. All I am saying is that it is a HUGE advantage for one to stay back and IMO are not really any disadvantages in the long run.
  10. I agree 100% that you need to have a life outside of sports. I'm not trying to aurge that there isn't time for that. But a kid who is looking to recieve a scholarship for athletics has to keep things in perspective. There are going to be times you have to tell your friends no so that you can make time to make advancements in your selected sport.
  11. If you have aspirations of playing a sport in college then you better get use to make sacrafices such as those. The ordinary kid who isn't willing to do things like spend his summer weekends playing aau rather than being at home hanging out with friends usual won't get the opportunity to play college athletics. The kid who isn't willing to spend his extra time in the gym rather than being out with his friends probably is wasting his time staying back if it is for sports purposes. Sacraficing your extra time or another year of school without some of your friends is what makes special players special. Those are the ones who will get scholarships. Let me add that I'm not trying to imply that you don't have to be a hold back to play college athletics. All I'm saying is that it will be a HUGE benefit in helping you do so. IMO, there are NO negatives to holding a kid back.
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