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  1. Another good post...You are on a roll today. Got a good laugh out of both of those...very true on both of them.:thumb:
  2. Hey Spin...that was actually a good one.:thumb: Gas prices too high, I might just have to sit home and pout:thumb: Actually just giving you a hard time more than anything. If Rose Hill makes it to the Sweet 16 to represent our Region, then I will jump on your bandwagon.:banana:
  3. :laugh::laugh: No Zornes? His resume is equal to the rest of these guys put together. No Cooksey? Come on, you gotta have the Wizard!
  4. Did anyone ever see him play before coming to Greenup? Was he pretty good?
  5. How many Seniors are Greenup graduating this year? I have been around their Freshman team and they are good, what about Junior/Soph classes?
  6. The only thing about this comment that I can say, is come Friday I will be rooting for the Team in RED, irregardless what happens on Tuesday night:thumb:
  7. You mean he is starting a young team that involves his Son...Thats a bit different then starting back up a League.:thumb: For anyone that doesnt know about AABC in KY, it is pretty well not existent now. No State Commissioner for the last 2 yrs and you have to go play in the Ohio State Championship IF you wanna play in a State Championship because there is NO Ky State Championship because lack of teams in the state of KY. Northern Ky is about the only area that has AABC anymore, and they play in the Ohio League anyway. Thought it was interesting too, because all the fields in Ohio where the AABC is hosted has NO outfield fences...Makes for a interesting game.:thumb: Cal Ripken and USSSA is the way to go anymore.
  8. Kinda funny. We must be talking about different AABC Leagues. My son played at BC AABC a few years ago and there was quite a few teams, at least 4 in each age group. Last year there was NO teams playing AABC. Only one team played at Fannin Park in Boyd last year and it was Cal Ripken and a traveling team. This year there is NO teams playing at Fannin Park from my understanding. Last year there were 2 teams in the older group at Greysbranch and a few in the younger groups. There used to be more than that. Raceland has lost a team every year and from some of the previous post, will not even host a team in the older groups. So, that means Greysbranch might be there in numbers, but basically Raceland is close to being shutdown and BC is shutdown. I think the big question is that whether it is the kids being lazy these days or the Parents and Coaches being lazy compared to back in the Day. Maybe the Dads are in the house playing Video Games.:thumb:
  9. I am sorry but I dont see any of this being major losses in deciding the game result.
  10. I am confused...What key players are gone for either team??
  11. Same time as all the other 16th Region teams. Must have chosen to play out of state teams.
  12. Quit? That is definetly off. He started the Greysbranch Yankees and moved up with that team until they reached High School age, to where he moved on with his boys. Greg, and the rest of the Staff of the Yankees and their parents, was instrumental is starting the Greysbranch AABC, which has hosted quite a few teams and is still going on this year, and I can promise you that Greg will be standing on the fence watching games when he has time.:thumb:
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