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  1. You must mean in the 1st quarter because he only got 4 attempts in second and one of them was off an offensive reb!! He hit two of the four
  2. Anderson or #3 didn't shut Ferg down!!! He was jumping up and down wide open several times in second half!!!!! I have watched him play his whole career and one of his best attributes is getting away from his man and getting open!! Anderson did helpside him in the post and made it difficult for him to get the ball there 2 or 3 times!!!!!!!!!!! I am pretty sure he only took 4 shots in second half one of them was off an offensive rebound but he got away from his man quite a bit more than three times!!!! He hit two of the four!! I have saw him have over 20 in first half numerous times in his career and he never gets many in second half unless it is a tight game!! I predicted him to get 5 in second half this time and he got 4! The good part is they didnt need him in second and we won!!!!!!!!!!
  3. That is a MIGHTY BOLD statement to make if you don't have any proof!!!!!!!!!! Radford was at every one of the 16th region games!! That is probably a good sign that your rumour isn't true!!!!!!!!!!:taz:
  4. So will anyone else in the bottom bracket who makes it to saturday night!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I guess Rowan picked a bad game to shoot poorly!!!!!!! I believe I would have picked a different game than first round of state!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Don't know about showing the win's but I am sure glad he started the thread and got those highlights on there because I had never saw them!!!!!!!!:thumb::banana:
  7. Those highlights gave me chill's and made me sad knowing high school is almost gone!!!!!!!!
  8. EC got beat by Valley first!! Then turned around and haven't lost a game since and Mason was week or two after SV!!!!!!! Mason by 2
  9. NO!!!! Absolutely not!!!!! They were eating ribeye's and playing Xbox!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Ferg had 10 coming into the tourney!!! He now has 19 and should have had a few more but couldn't hit a bull in rump with bass fiddle from three tonight!!!!!!!:jump::eek:
  11. Never mind A!!! I saw the answer someone already posted it!! I missed it somehow first time I read downthe line!!!!!!
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