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  1. 7 Scott County 5 Lafayette 3 Woodford County 2 Rockcastle County 1 Frankfort TB-Scott County
  2. 7 - Monroe County 5 - Mayfield 3 - McCracken County 2 - Caldwell County 1 - Daviess County TB: Mayfield
  3. 7 Fort Campbell 5 Madisonville North Hopkins 3 Monroe County 2 John Hardin 1 Franklin-Simpson TB Madisonville North Hopkins
  4. Actually, Dawson Springs beat HCC in 2006 on a neutral floor @ Caldwell County to play North Hopkins for the title. Been 11 years of drought for their school which has an enrollment 6X less than HCC and MNH.
  5. 7 - Cov. Cath 5 - Eminence 3 - Lincoln County 2 - Knox Central 1 - Madison Southern TB: Eminence
  6. 7-Cordia 5-Buckhorn 3-Hazard 2-Shelby Valley 1-Pikeville 1st Tiebreaker:Pikeville
  7. 7 Bowling Green 5 Dawson Springs 3 Daviess County 2 Logan County 1 McCracken County TB Dawson Springs
  8. 7 Ohio County 5 Grayson County 3 Union County 2 Allen County-Scottsville 1 Barren County TB=Grayson County
  9. Sometimes character shows! I really thought D. O. had great character...now I am not so sure. Anybody can talk negative when they leave a place. I just thought he was a more positive person than that. Not a huge hit to UK but a huge hit to DO. IMHO.
  10. Defense has a lot to do with it, and he is a rhythym shooter defense can knock shooters out of the feel of the ball from time to time.
  11. All I know about Dodson is he can flat out shoot the ball when he is in rhythym. The young man can make 50 in a row from three in shooting drills. I've heard of Billy D making 25 consecutive before leaving practice but 50? Outstanding. There must be a major issue(s) with this young man for his name to come up as a "problem child" as much as it does.
  12. Position wise Jones completes an outstanding class. Defensive holes? Rebounding probs? I don't see it. This is a complete class, maybe they lack star power but I really don't see that either. This is the kind of squad that can win a NC. IMHO. I wanted last year's team to win one, shooting wasn't a problem...making the perimeter shots proved to be the problem. This class should be able to play inside and out. Back to back classes like this is truly remarkable! Thanks Cal!:thumb:
  13. Yum center have counters or tables?:sssh::popcorn:
  14. If Coach Cal wants another one then we need another one. He seems to have this recruiting thing figured out. I am enjoying the results so much I don't feel the need to even question what we need.
  15. If they were recruiting my son and coaching at UK and I had a choice of any of them...I take...Coach K. I can say that without any hesitation!
  16. As far as I know Coach Cal is not finished recruiting yet. I have no idea at this point. GT? WIREMAN?
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