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  1. Neither team better look past their first game or it could be a long off season.
  2. Rose Hill did drop Elliott when they downgraded their schedule a bit while rebuilding with younger players. I am sure no offense was taken and it was an understandable decision. I would love to see these two small schools renew the series, though!
  3. Congrats to Rose Hill. It takes a good team to win ugly in these tournaments. Continue the good work!
  4. it is wonderful to see that the hard work of the girls and coaching staff has paid off with earning the trip to Richmond and playing well. Elliott's girl's teams have become more than competitive and playing a tougher schedule seems to be reaping some rewards. It's nice to see them succeed.
  5. I'm going to try a different approach. I think there are four groups. 1. THOSE WITH A LEGITIMATE SHOT TO WIN THE REGION: Elliott County, Rose Hill, East Carter; 2. OUTSIDE SHOT TO WIN: Bath County, Fairview; 3. COULD PULL AN UPSET OR TWO, BUT NOT THE WHOLE THING: Ashland, Raceland, West Carter, Boyd County, Rowan County 4. NO SHOT: Russell, Greenup, Morgan, Menifee, Fleming, Lewis The teams in each group are in no particular order.
  6. Small schools, in most years, are already at a competitive disadvantage. They should never be required to give up their shot at hosting these tournaments. It can't always be about the money. If you are worried about a seat, get there early!
  7. No doubt. These rankings generate comment but don't really mean squat. Elliott never was considered #1 last year but went to Rupp. Wonder which one they would rather have!:creepy:
  8. I know your post is in fun. But in all seriousness, his sub patterns are not eccentric. He has done it the same way, right or wrong for years. He is 18-2 this year and made the trip to Rupp last year. Agree or not, he is consistent and lately you cannot complain about the results. And I do agree about changing the hairsyle to be like yours.:thumb:
  9. I am very certain the 62nd will continue the normal rotation and Coach Mays will be happily hosting the tournament in Sandy Hook.!!!!!
  10. Rose Hill beat Elliott. Congrats and good luck in Richmond. I happily concede the number 1 ranking on BGP to the Royals. Enjoy the target. I believe Elliott has had a great season and will give the Royals a pretty good rematch if that opportunity arises.
  11. Rose Hill wins this one by 10+. They are a different team now. The "other" players have greatly improved with more and more game experience. Euton is too big and jackson has become the stud of the region. If he stays out of foul trouble he is an absolute impossibility for most guards to handle when he posts up or penetrates and he is quick enough to penetrate about whenever he wants to.
  12. I have to agree that the record of this team is amazing and they are the most fun team to watch I have ever seen. If they had the big post player it would probably slow the game down and it would not be as entertaining and the record would certainly not be better than 17-2. I'll take that every year to start a season.
  13. My apologies. I think you will probably agree we will never win this argument and rankings really are not important won't you. After all, wouldn't you rather be the State champ than be ranked #1 and not win your region?
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