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Ballard 70 Madison Central 61 (Sweet 16® First Round)

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Game effort from Madison Central to never go away. Got within five late. Ballard made some strange choices with shots late rather than playing ball control with a double digit lead, but it never got far enough to be a truly tense moment. 

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6 minutes ago, The Professor said:

I agree with Dragon about the unusual choices of shot attempts by Ballard in the 4th quarter. They had a comfortable lead and just needed to kill some clock and take nothing but the easiest of shots but they put up some difficult ones for some reason. 

Coaching I would guess.

They were up double figures on Madison Central late in 2013 championship and kept shooting the ball and ended up losing- mind boggling!

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47 minutes ago, theguru said:

Agree and I don't how many of those players play football but talented for sure. 

Marrero was Ballard's top receiver last season. He's the only one playing both sports.

I picked Madi C, but I'm liking the Bruins more and more after this one.

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