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  1. Well. If a certain head coach of a high profile basketball program hadn’t openly told his players “if you’re sick, stay home. But under no circumstances do you get tested”, this may have been avoidable. I’m sure he’s not the only one that has said this.
  2. At least they were able to finally pull away. Oklahoma didn’t exactly inspire confidence against a 1-5 Kansas team. And that game was highly in doubt with only a few minutes left to play. Cincinnati will stay #2. Navy is a weird team to play against. Especially there. You never practice against the option, because only a couple of schools even run it anymore.
  3. As a UC guy, the last few off seasons have been “what big job is he taking?”, but I think the move to the Big 12 could be enough to keep Luke. He’s declined some good interest the last couple seasons. He’s an Ohio guy. And the king of UC. Bohn trying to lure him to USC is a little scary though.
  4. If you read carefully, it looks like Bender could, and most likely will, get his job back. After some “training” of course. The whole thing feels like a smokescreen to drop football. Most likely for a lack of resources.
  5. He’s a great guy. Be nice to see him as a head coach.
  6. They said that’s a 1.5 million dollar slot. Can’t imagine this will be a very hard decision for him.
  7. By the way, I heard yesterday that Louisville Prep isn’t a thing anymore. If true, shocking indeed that all of those guys couldn’t get it together… So this looks like a transfer to Evangel to play for Larry Miller with Bender overseeing the whole operation.
  8. Love watching that kid play! I told 2 coaches about him on Tuesday.
  9. KOB is always a great time. I try to see at least a couple of games there every year. If you’ve never been, it’s worth a little trip.
  10. Maybe they’ll do a little better than Martin County’s epic performance in the last KOB.
  11. The timing is surprising. Made it through one Covid shortened season.
  12. As far as I have heard, and seen on their twitter, it’s Tim Barnett (Focus), Branden Bender, and Deon Lee (Legends Training). The kids will go to school at Evangel, but play a prep schedule. While Evangel will continue to play a normal KHSAA schedule. There’s no way a partnership between those guys works out. The “prep” will collapse, and the kids will end up playing at Evangel. Which really could be Bender’s plan this whole time.
  13. Sisk is more of a combo. Looks to score more than run the offense. There’s nothing wrong with that. Plenty of teams in the modern game have a PG that can score. But Sisk is just more natural off the ball. Edelen missed the season injured, but also transferred to Male during the season.
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