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  1. What about the feature from the old site “go to first unread” on individual topics? Am I missing something?
  2. KOB tweeted that Fern Creek was invited, but they’re playing in Florida instead.
  3. Hence the “unless something changed” part of my post. I know that 6 years ago, it was that way.
  4. Unless something changed in the last 3 years, Nelson County schools aren’t open enrollment. So you go to school in the district you live in. I’m not saying people don’t move for a specific school. Or use addresses in a certain district. It definitely happens. But that’s the limitation. I can’t live near Bardstown or Thomas Nelson, and choose to go to Nelson County.
  5. Yeah. I don’t think anyone has questioned legitimacy. I think the bigger question has been “why is this news?”.
  6. I don’t know the kid. But if he has good size, and skill, he should put up some good numbers this season. The drop in competition level is pretty drastic.
  7. “Young for his class” is new and refreshing. But “points per minute”? That’s a new stat in high school basketball.
  8. I can see some names coming after this one. Jason Couch, Richard Gatewood, and a few assistants that I don’t want to mention because their bosses might not know.
  9. Male is definitely loaded. But I don’t think the gap is as large as you do. Manual has some good young kids coming back. Coach Coleman’s last 2 jobs were considered awful when he took them. He’s notorious for getting the most out of his kids. Seneca wasn’t on anyone’s radar last year. Now they’ll be a preseason top 10 team. That’s not an accident.
  10. Seneca returns a lot. But they’ll have 12 seniors. So it’ll be a rebuild after next season. As far as schools go, you’re going from one that’s crumbling, to the best public school in the state of Kentucky. Manual has a lot of prestige. It’s also easier to get kids into Manual than it is Male, or some other schools that are in the “traditional” program.
  11. Boys job is open. I know 2 people that got a call about it.
  12. Sullivan is in Louisville. They were always in the mix for championships. A lot of great players went through there. In the late 90s, they announced that they were going “4 year”, but then never brought basketball, or any sport back.
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