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  1. Anyone taking advantage of the “bonus” year, doesn’t count against scholarships
  2. I traveled 3 states for work this week. No issues at all. Some people in Illinois were filling containers on Tuesday. But yesterday, they announced the pipeline was back up and running, and production will be fully back to normal by Friday. It’s also been reiterated over and over that there is no gas shortage..... unless people stockpile it with their toilet paper that’s still left from last year.
  3. I’ve watched it three times. Obviously love it. I recommend it to everyone.
  4. There’s another thread about that May 1st potential opening. But some things there have changed. So I doubt it’s opening now
  5. Norman should get it. He’s been by Mucker’s side since before day one.
  6. I’ll believe when I see it. He’s been retiring from coaching for 6-8 years. And I just heard of a couple of transfers they’re getting. So I’d say if that’s true, one more year is in the cards.
  7. Yeah. Definitely a different situation. But most kids moving “up” expect their roles to increase. I’m excited about this team. Getting the majority of the guys back was a huge relief. Sucking isn’t fun. Just want them to be competitive and build towards something.
  8. I’m a little concerned early. Bringing two kids from UNCG feels like when Brannen brought Vogt. He barely played at NKU, then he’s a two year starter at UC. These kids might work out. But it’s a little scary for me.
  9. He had signed with his agent, and just finished a workout. Playing in his new car would be my guess. Just a kid. Kids do stupid things sometimes. It’s a shame he paid the ultimate price.
  10. Just saw the video. It’s a wonder he didn’t kill anyone else. So tragic. The kid had his whole life in front of him.
  11. I agree. It’s odd for a Kentucky kid to have ACC, PAC-12, and SEC offers... but none from any school in the state. Or within a 6 hour drive from home for that matter.
  12. I was told withdrew. Either way, allegedly, there’s a big JCPS job opening up here soon. May 1st. It’ll change a lot of things around here.
  13. He’s at his 3rd high school. And the “flip” is the biggest trend going in college football. What are the chances he ever enrolls at UK?
  14. I actually heard he “withdrew” from consideration.
  15. Johnson. No contest. Because a college coach rarely cares about who scored the most points against whatever irrelevant team. They watch a body of work against competition. And yes. They grade the competition. They look at how the player moves on both sides of the ball, body language during timeouts, body language when they’re coming out of the game. Can they guard anyone? Can they be taught to guard anyone?
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