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Collins 51 Spencer County 42 (30th District Semifinal)

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Collins simply isn't going to score many points this year.

And it may not matter.    The Titans defense is brutally efficient, and it wins another game for them tonight.    Definitely an upset against a veteran ball club that I thought would win this game due to their experience - not just as individuals, but as a team.

It's the 8th straight game Collins has held a team to 55 points or less.

Collins keeps its streak alive; the Titans have never missed a region tournament in their school's history.

Final should be interesting.... Anderson won the regular season meeting.... 34-33(!)


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  • theguru changed the title to Collins 51 Spencer County 42 (30th District Semifinal)
17 hours ago, ConverseAllStar said:

I’m guessing Sam Conley’s early season injury cost Spencer a #1 seed in the district that could have provided a smoother path to New Castle. Also, the departure of Gage Mabry had to have an impact on their offensive firepower, especially from 3 point land. 

Conley was on the bench with a wrist injury in the Bears' 13 point loss to Woodford County - their only regular season district loss, which cost them the #1 seed.

Would he have changed the outcome?   Bears fans will likely say "yes"....I guess we'll never know.

But I think your suggestion is correct - the Spencer faithful are undoubtedly looking at these two unfortunate events and wondering "what if"??

Of course, the reality is that we've all been there....we can all empathize....   😳   (the flip side, of course, is that we've all seen our teams make the region tourney in years when our favorite team probably didn't really deserve it!)

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3 hours ago, LethalPG said:

That assumption is a slight at Anderson Co.  who had to win tough close ones to advance to championship.

I don't think Converse was in any way slighting Anderson County - certainly not intentionally ....nor was he making excuses for Spencer.   He was just stating pointing out how little things can have an impact later.   And - as I pointed out - it really doesn't matter since we'll never know if it would have turned out differently (had Conley played in that pivotal Woodford game).  

I see you're relatively new to BGP.   Welcome!   But don't go looking for trouble on here - everyone is pretty frank, but objective.   Nobody's trying to insult anyone.   Given a choice before the district tournament, would you have preferred to play the defending 8th Region champs on their home court, a team with one of the stingiest defenses in the state, or a team that had won just one game all season against 8th Region competition?   I think most observers would make the same choice, given one.    A 5 or 6 seed hasn't made it to the region since the 2013 Eminence Warriors, who beat Henry County by 2 and upset Gallatin County by 1 point to advance to the District 31 finals.

But - rare though it is - that's why HS district tournaments are so fun!

Bryan's got the Bearcats playing well at exactly the right time, and as a result, they're rewarded with a trip to New Castle.    I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Bearcats do well there.   The regular season is moot; all that matters now is how you finish.



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On 3/18/2021 at 10:36 AM, 4 Quarters said:

Yep, I can remember about three years ago when it was predicted Spencer County would be on their to the Sweet Sixteen.

I really do feel bad for Conley and Whitlock. Great kids. Nice players. They got unreasonable expectations put on them by a lot of adults. There wasn’t really a supporting cast around them, ever. Yes, losing Mabry hurt too. But it’s not like they ever went further with him. A lack of depth caused them to wear down towards the end of every season. And realistically, Gaither and Collins have pretty much owned them. 

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