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President Trump still using unsecured phone

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Trump is still using his unsecured Android phone - Business Insider


I would think many on here would be upset by this.

Why? According to the article, Trump is using his old phone to send Tweets. That does not sound like much of a national security threat to me. I am carrying two cell phones temporarily because I am trying to decide between to service providers.


If you have any reliable information that suggests Trump is using his old phone to conduct government business or that he is receiving classified documents on it, then I will be more upset at Trump than I was Hillary. I voted for Trump and I am hoping that he will not make me regret it.


To say that this is a stretch is a UGE understatement.

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I know he has it and he's using it. For optics alone that doesn't seem like a smart move.
I'm more concerned about criminal behavior and national security than optics. Optics are more of a concern for politicians. I would not be using two phones if it were me, but please excuse me for not being outraged that Trump is
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He has an unsecured device so he MUST be sending confidential, top secret, classified information with it. The Chinese have hacked and have all of our secrets. Period.




When he starts using this phone to get top secret briefings or sending secured info, I'll be right there with you.

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The hypocrisy? Yeah me too.


What hypocrisy? If he is using it for official business then yeah he's 100% wrong. If he's getting Top Secret info on it, he's wrong. If all he is doing is using it as a tool to tweet, where is the issue?


Of course being that he's best buddies with Brady, if asked for it he'll probably just smash it with a hammer :lol2:

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