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  1. WTH! In all of this going on, there is a trend of police reports being blatantly false. Here is another example.
  2. We knew this to start with, but at the beginning the powers that be said it was “worth it” to shut everything down to save those people; however, today nearly 3 months later I can’t see anybody feeling that way. The only instances we will see of shutdown will be schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and places that may fear getting their tails sued off. Can’t put the genie back in the bottle now. Some new projections from Harvard faculty have us losing another 100k nationwide by September. TBH that seems like a pretty weak estimate. That’s just over a 1k lives a day which has been the norm with NY and California on lockdown.
  3. New Zealand has eradicated virus.
  4. Definitely some weird stuff happening out there. I don’t do any social media, so when stuff from twitter and Instagram make it to me things have been around a while. This morning I watched video of POs destroying business fronts, looting, and dropping bricks around neighborhoods. Multiple videos. No protestors around.
  5. Could say 2 months of mitigating efforts lowered the number of contagious people. If we’re that lucky. We won’t be. What a terrible time to have civil unrest.
  6. Of course we will. I see a lot of mask wearers, but the interactions and failure of physical distancing will spike CV cases.
  7. I know what you’re saying, because so far we’ve been presented with elaborate plans and a week later somebody turns that plan into toilet paper.
  8. Normal is going to be different. Districts are currently making drastic plans to maintain social distancing: 1/2 students in the building, limiting transitions, eliminating common spaces, etc. If extracurriculars endanger the huge changes that are being made to have a modified school during the day extracurriculars won’t happen.
  9. NFHS pushes for more non-contact sports this fall.
  10. 1. Non- affected? B. Adults...are we missing that schools are liable for these kids?
  11. 50 ADULTS in a bar isn’t close to kids in a school or a football field.
  12. While schools can model some of what they do after professional sports and colleges, we have to remember high schools don't have near the resources either of those two have. I read the other day the NFL is looking at putting a style of masks inside the helmet. Not to mention the reason to play in the first place. Billions of dollars push these teams where high school is just playing for pride. Even with A/B, AM/PM, or alternating weeks there is a lot to think about; sports can muddy the pond unless the entire team is on one schedule. @hoops5 Transitions have to be cut to a minimum and public spaces cut out, including cafeterias. School will be nothing like we have known it before. I honestly am not looking forward to being the social distancing police. :facepalm: The guiding document heavily suggested a split type schedule. I would be shocked if schools didn't use some form of that model. Somebody would be in hot water if they didn't and it was recommended.
  13. State of our nation. You sure have glossed over a whole lot. The fact those numbers are so low may be attributed to a two month statewide lock down. There may be some states that have had success opening back up, and I'm not saying we will not make progress here in KY, but our neighbors to the south have cooked the books.
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