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NCAA Removes Tourney Sites From Greensboro Over HB2


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- Laws which discriminate are always are overturned. I can't tell you if it will be in a month or 10 years, but at some point this bill will be overturned.


- You add up the NCAA moving events out of the state + conventions moving out of state + artists refusing to go = a battle the state can not win. The cumulative impact of all of this on the state is a huge net economic loss over a law which will eventually be overturned anyway.


- The NCAA not playing games in Cuba or China would have zero impact over what those countries do or don't do (not to mention games in those places are rare). The NCAA not having events in NC will have an impact. I would support the NCAA not playing in places which have human rights abuse issues.


It never really hurts to do the right thing.

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