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Gun incident on NKU's campus this morning


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I received the following email from NKU a short while ago:


"Campus police responded to an incident this morning involving a student in possession of a gun. No shots were fired. The gun was inoperable. The person is in custody and police are investigating. There is no present threat to anyone on campus as a result of this incident."

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"When Weapons Are Discovered

All weapons, except those permited by K.R.S. 527.020, are subject to seizure by the University Police Department and held for safe keeping pursuant to established departmental procedures.

Weapons seized by individuals, duly licensed to carry concealed weapons pursuant to KRS 237 shall be returned to said individual upon request and proof of their valid license. Return shall be made at the University Police Department.

Any university faculty, staff, or student determined to have violated this policy is guilty of misconduct and subject to disciplinary action."

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Does anyone know the NKU policy for guns on campus?


My browser was sitting here for a bit before I responded. Is that specifically NKU's policy SG?


While I was attending in the early 00's, there were signs just like this one posted at every entrance drive to campus, and at the driveway of each parking lot on campus.



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Just received the following update:


Media Advisory: NKU Police respond to gun incident



HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. – Northern Kentucky University police officers responded to an incident involving a student with a firearm Thursday morning.


Around 9:45 a.m., University Police received a report of a student with a weapon in a third-floor study area at Steely Library. Two officers responded in fewer than 60 seconds, and four officers responded in just over one minute. The incident was immediately resolved.


Police officers questioned a female student, who admitted to having a handgun in her bag. She turned over the weapon without incident and was immediately taken into custody. The handgun was determined to be inoperable.


“Our University Police Department responded swiftly and effectively, as our officers are trained to do,” said University spokeswoman Amanda Nageleisen. “We are thankful for their professionalism and dedication.”


The student was charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon without a license and lodged at the Campbell County Detention Center.


Some students were briefly evacuated from the library as a precaution, but the campus community was never in immediate danger.


The University’s emergency notification system, Norse Alert, was not deployed due to the rapid nature of the police response.


University policy calls for the system to be activated when the University determines that a serious threat exists and the campus community must take immediate action to remain safe and secure. The campus community was notified of the matter via email after officers’ initial fact-gathering process was complete.

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The gun was inoperable only because it had jammed.


Prosecutors: Gun that NKU student pulled in library had jammed | Local News - WLWT Home


A Northern Kentucky University student was arraigned Friday on charges after she was accused of pulling a gun on someone in the school's library.


Jaylin Johnson, 23, is charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon without a license, menacing and disorderly conduct. At a video arraignment, she was ordered held on $5,000 bond and ordered to have a mental evaluation.


During the hearing, prosecutors said that Johnson entered the library on Thursday morning and found someone sitting in the seat she wanted.


Johnson then pulled a .380-caliber handgun out of her backpack and told the seated person to move, prosecutors said.


Officers responding to the scene found Johnson and the gun, which had live rounds, but was jammed due to a misfeed.


"It was a functioning weapon," the assistant prosecutor said in court.


Johnson was offered an opportunity to plead guilty and accept a 180-day sentence, with all but 30 days suspended, but she refused.

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