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I LOVE Sirius Radio!


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I drive a lot these days, and I just got Sirius Radio. So lately, I've been amusing myself wtih a plethora of channels.


Today, I amused myself by listening to the traffic reports in LA, NYC, Boston, Chicago, San Fran, San Diego, Dallas and Phoenix...while sitting in traffic. :D


What are some of your favorites on Sirius that I should check out?


I also did have a sort of odd Come-To-Jesus moment. I'd gotten off I-64 into downtown thinking that would be a better option than sitting in stand-still traffic on I-64. However, I eventually found myself partially in an intersection with a TARC bus bearing down on me from the drivers side. I had been listening to some opera as I went through my channels (a tribute to mcpapa). I looked left---bus bearing down! I backed up the best I could considering the guy behind me was right on my bumper, and somehow I managed to clear enough room for the bus to miss me. I looked at my radio display and Handel's Messiah was what was playing! :eek: Divine intervention?:sssh:

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I had Sirius strictly for Howard Stern and ESPN radio. Howard signed a new contract that allows him to do about 4 shows every two weeks so I dropped it. I miss ESPN radio. I would listen to Around the Horn and PTI on the way home from work.


I listened to Shady 45 when I wanted music.

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The one's I'm on the most


#88 - NFL Radio

#90 - NASCAR

#7 - 70's

#6 - 60's

#56 - Willie's Roadhouse ~ Classic Country

#70 - BB Kings' Bluesville ~ Blues

#61 - Bluegrass Junction ~ Bluegrass

#58 - Prime Country ~ 90's Country

#19 - Elvis Radio ~ Elvis 24/7 from Graceland

#97 - Blue Collar Radio ~ Blue Collar Comedy

#350 - Red White & Booze ~ Country bar Songs

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Shade 45

Hip Hop Nation


Ozzy's Boneyard

Greatful Dead Channel


Deep Tracks

The Spectrum

Faction XL

The Coffeeshop



Those are the ones that I usually tune into.



Favorite show by far is "All Out Show" on Shade 45. Because of language and certain topics it can get pretty rated R, but man oh man does it make my day at 4:00pm every evening when I get off work. It is without question one of the most entertaining shows on siriusxm, M-F 4:00-6:00 is when it usually airs. Probably wouldn't like it if you don't like hip hop, but if you like that kind of music in the least it would be almost impossible not to enjoy.

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The All Out Show is the best radio show no one has heard of. I miss those dudes too.




The best, without question. Hate it or Love it is the most entertaining segment on all of radio.





It also took me like two years to figure out Rude Jude was white. :lol:

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I try to listen to AM sports on terrestrial radio but it's very difficult with all the commercials. I tune into Lance on 700 and he's on for five minutes then they have a five minute news break. I don't know what I would do without my Sirius.

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