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  1. Wow. His comments are a bit shocking to me. One would wonder the opinion of his players and staff if he were to not get the job. It certainly could change perceptions of him in Mt. Washington if he stays. Given that Buchanon is out, I certainly think that he is best man for the job. He is proven and a very respected coach and man.
  2. This would be very suprising, but understandable if he can move closer to family.
  3. 1st post calling - - someone out . . . You are wrong on both. Watched them play twice. TRAINWRECK!
  4. Your are incorrect on 2 of those three names, and I could not confirm the third. I don't know who your source is, but you got a bad beat!
  5. The posting on the KHSAA website stated that applications will be accepted through January 3. Probably a good move to allow that. I think a great deal of reflection occurs over the holiday break for coaches. The time away allows them to weigh their options and assess things in their current position. If Harlan County is looking for a proven HC, then that is the case. Young asst's or head coaches in bad situations would apply at any time. Should be a good situation for someone.
  6. Here, Here!!! THERE IS NOT A FINER PERSON IN THE BUSINESS!!!! Coach Glaser means more to that SCHOOL than most will ever realize. Great job and a great season to Coach Glaser, Staff, Players, School, and Parents!!
  7. Not suprising to say the least. If HE chooses, Mark Catlett will be the next HC. Coverdale will not coach in a public school in Jeff. Co, Bruner has said that he LOVES Nelson and wouldn't leave, and I would see it as a step down for Nichols. You mention Oldham from Oldham Co. its sounds like the community there is beginning to get restless with him and things a getting a wee bit ugly. We will have to wait that one out. I am not sure that the way in which he left Seneca will help him return to JCPS. I know he has always wanted to replace Coach Redman at Male. If the Redman to Ballard rumor holds, then we will see . . . What a crazy off-season thus far!
  8. Coach Redman will not get the same or even a similar "deal" to what he has at Male at a school like Ballard. He teaches 2 periods of PE during the first semester, works on football, the field, and then is off the remainder of the year. I can't see Ballard wanting that, or dealing with the perception that it would create. Times have changed DRAMATICALLY in public education since he took the Male job and was at Ballard for that matter. If Redmond does return, the softball coach/president of Ballard has more pull than I gave him credit for. Ballard let go a GREAT man, teacher, and football coach in Mark Catlett. People questioned his success and W/L record, but he did things right and his teams were competitive. I wish the Bruins the best with their search.
  9. John L is in Louisville due to health problems with his wife. I heard this on 790 am a while back. I don't think that there is anything more to the story.
  10. North has too many internal distractions. East ROLLS into a rematch at Marion Co. East 42 North 13
  11. Getting petty boys . . . let it go. Both of these two schools have have too quality of programs for banter about play calling and scoring Best of luck to the Rams and Chargers to make a deep playoff run.
  12. Bullitt East has a very efficent run offense and throw enough to keep people honest. Defensively they do a great job and put pressure through gaps and are very aggressive. I would say that their biggest challenge would be handling the athletes of Manual in open space. Which can lead to points that in the end will make the difference. Manual 35 Bullitt East 14
  13. Regardless of the outcome I applaude Central for playing this game. If I am not mistaken, they are also playing both JV and Frosh with St.X. Playing this schedule could really pay off for them down the road as long as they can survive both physically and mentally. Good luck to the Yellowjackets!!
  14. With the loss to East and the unfortunate death of the QB's father, North will have a tough week. My thoughts and prayers are with the young man and his family. Can predict this one . . . Best of luck to both teams.
  15. PRP needs something postive to happen in this game. They have X then North Hardin to finish out their season. The will have two weeks to prepare for a first round game with Manual at Manual stadium. PRP really had high hopes for this season and early losses to Ballard and Eastern seemed to deflate them pretty badley. St. X has things rolling and seems to be playing as well as they have in past two or three years. I looks like they will have a home first round matchup with Butler and a rematch with Manual in the second round at St. Xavier. Don't see this game (X vs. PRP) being much of a contest. X too much to early and will never look back. X 35 - PRP 7
  16. You have to feel for all the folks involved in this game. St. X is competing and trying to win a state championship and certainly doesn't have to concerns themselves with not scoring very often, but it is tough. Coach Lucas has struggled greatly at Butler. I am a believer that if high school coaches do the right thing, do a good job in the classroom, and treat kids right they will not have to worry about their job. But, IMO Butler REALLY needs to be more competitive than they currently are. They get a good draw of players and have a great school and community. . . I just don't see how they aren't better than they are. Best of luck to both teams the rest of the way.
  17. I will have to differ with you BIG time on that one. I have seen many a "If they don't score... " shirts worn by BE players. I have yet to see a motivational saying on one of them. IMO any shirt that is distributed to players / parents to wear in the school or community that rubs in a final score in a sarcastic way (especially over a struggling program - i.e. - Atherton 80-0) is absolutely both "arrogant" and "classless". I feel that it goes against what high school kids should learn and take from their time and commitment. I wish both teams the best. This is a big game with a lot on the line.
  18. What is South Oldham's record? They have slid back a bit???
  19. Fairdale cleared a huge mental hurdle beating the Chargers last year and have a definite swagger with the way that they have came out of the gates this year. But, Mt. Washington is a tough place to play you have to be a much better team to go in there a take a win. I can't believe the Chargers will let this one get away. The next two weeks are HUGE for them. Bullitt East 21 - Fairdale 20
  20. Bullitt East got their secong "L" due to a silly in what should be a special teams situation. Faked a punt in a rediculous spot against Woodford and went for 2 at the end of regulation against Marion instead kicking a p.a.t. As I said earlier in the year, this is not their old district where they can get away with that type of football. Great job to Marion Co. who is 5-0. The game against North Bullitt is now huge. The winner puts themself in a much better position as far as first round opponent and second round home game.
  21. I had a chance to ask their AD about their schedule and he stated that essentially no teams in AAA or AAAA would play them. Bullitt East and Western are obviously exceptions. I think most coaches and AD's might schedule one or two of these teams on A GREAT year, but their top to bottom schedule may be the toughest that I have ever seen. **They could be anywhere from 3-7 to 5-5 and be the best team in AAA!
  22. It's great to see Manual playing some different schools (they probably are too excited), but it is good the Jefferson County schools play schools out in the state!! Manual will win based on talent, but they better get Henderson Co. this year. I am sure Coach Clevenger will have the Colonels ready in a year or so!!
  23. Extremely tough to predict this one. I gave Ballard the nod based on their performance against X and big win over PRP. Obviously, when the pigskin is tee'd up this week neither of those games will make a hill of beans difference. Best of luck to both teams, should be a good one!!
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