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  1. So much for the Duke 40-0 talk that picked up steam after their win against Gonzaga.
  2. I love UK football and think Stoops has done a fantastic job and should get whatever he ask for. With that said, as long as Kirby is at UGA, we aren't winning the East...I expect UT and Florida to restock pretty fast given their coaches. At the end of the Day, I am not sure KY high school football has enough elite talent to get UK over the hump...
  3. 5 guys played the whole game plus OT. They had to do a good job staying out of foul trouble.
  4. Smart money in coaching is to strike while the iron is hot. You don't see a lot of lifers any more. With that said, hopefully Stoops pedigree makes him appreciate a place where he is appreciated. I am sure his big brothers have some good insight about that. I am also glad to see UK double down on his wish list and support. KY should seek to trade conference places with Clemson and be done with it!
  5. They change coaches and philosophies every 2-4 years. They have had 0 stability since they got bored with Mac Brown winning 10 + games a year and forced him out.
  6. The pick 6 and 2 ill advised 4th down tries were the difference. Levis played a great game minus the 1 int...UK struggled in the 2nd half vs the blitz...
  7. The thing for some of these schools in tough districts, is that their toughest playoff game might be next week instead of round 3...so you want to make sure your kids are conditioned as well...It's not a good situation.
  8. And re-do transfers help a bunch...Boyle folks talking about transfers is funny!
  9. I trust my sources… idiots and cronies is a pretty fair assessment. Principal left, Superintendent left… that speaks volumes… they must not have been too confident in “their side” of the story!
  10. They were returning some pretty good pieces from 2020… Now with the idiotic moves of the Danville Super, And Helton Director and their cronies many thought they would be bad… but the talent is there.
  11. Overachieved? Have they beaten anyone with a decent record? I guess LC is their best win, but this has been a very friendly schedule for Danville.
  12. I wouldn't say that Tubby was on the decline, just isn't cut out to recruit the highly sought after, often entitled elite players. I think that Tubby wanted blue collar, humble guys like himself and unfortunately that doesn't sell recruits in this day and age. I have always said if I could create the perfect coach, I would have Cal recruit them, Pitino prepare them and let Tubby be the in game coach.
  13. So did Adolph Rupp and Joe Hall...it's part of the job...just like another year like last year for Cal and folks will be wanting his head!
  14. Or in other words all the state championships have been won from the states 5 most heavily populated areas. Makes since in a lot of ways.
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