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  1. So they were staying in Jabez? There are cabins that are a ways away from the water at Cumberland. This is a yearly deal where they go as a retreat. Alumni show up in Boats and the college kids go down to the water and meet up for a good time. Coaches stay in their cabins. Who is at fault?
  2. Total speculation...Start football workouts Aug 1. Eliminate first 2 weeks of season. Pick up your schedule week 3...Playoffs ect happen as usual.
  3. High School basketball in Indiana trumps college basketball for Indiana residents as a whole... UK basketball trumps KY HS basketball for KY residents as a whole... Indiana is a HS basketball state and KY is a college basketball state.
  4. At what point do you have to start making decisions if you are the schools an/or the KHSAA. 30/60/90 day plans are typically how school admins like to think forshort term issues. What if school A goes back in September and resumes extracurricular and school B decides to wait until October and says no extra curricular...could some of these decisions start trickling back down to local decision makers? If we wait until after Labor Day to go back to school, How long would football players needs to acclimate back into workouts/practice/contact before being able to play safely?
  5. No not that...middle school coach who might try to get job.
  6. Coach probably needs to have the last name of Ralston.
  7. Wow...this is both unbelievable and disgusting!
  8. If KHSAA doesn't play spring sports and we stay in Dead period for the remainder of the spring...Thoughts on what the KHSAA would do this summer provided everything begins to clear up. Possible shorten or change the regular Dead period? Most HS programs will probably start back the week of July 13...Could KHSAA allow Dead Period to end July 6 and have an extra week to get players back in "shape"?
  9. Good game. The final score wasn't indicative of the game as it was a 4-8 point game the majority of the time. Danville made some nice runs in the 2nd half and cut the lead to 2 or 3 a couple of times, but couldn't quite get over the hump. That was one of the better officiated games I have seen all year as well. I thought the stripes did a great job of letting the players play! Good luck West at Rupp!
  10. Chuck Norris made Chuck Smith retire.
  11. What if parents of a middle school player contact a coach and want to talk about that coaches porgram/school? Parent states they are interested in moving into that school district and would like some information regarding said program. What should the coach do in this situation?
  12. HS talent is cyclical at best in 90% of schools in KY. Here is a stat line for you: '14 0-10 '15 6-5 '16 7-5 '17 7-5 '19 14-1 State Champions
  13. Cal coached an excellent second half (hitting shots helps). I thought they ran a lot of good action to get their hot hands (Sestina and Quickly) good looks and they made the shots.
  14. I haven't been to KI in 25 years. I now have 6-8 year old boys. What are the minimum height requirements on the "big" rides?
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