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  1. I write this as not a T or X supporter... but I couldnt pass up the chance to put my 2 cents in... Several issues here...yes T & X "dominate" almost every year but its not like they are pumping out 20 Div 1 athletes every year either. Yes, you get your Brohms, your Finchs, but by and large, you might have 2 or 3 going D1 every year. But then again, so does Central, so does Male, so does Fern Creek, Highlands, etc. I dont think its a questions of getting all the athletes, I think as I have said many times before, its a combination of things and far too many for me to ramble on about right now. The question I have is "What would you like to do with these teams?" Punishing them for winning is nothing more than sour grapes speaking, IMO. Every once in a while, there are schools that have their big runs. At some point in time, it will come to an end. Maybe some things need to change for that to happen, but it will happen. Beatty and Glasier are good coaches (not to take away anything from anyone else) but the fact is, they are good coaches that have the good fortune of being at good schools where football is a way of life. Success breeds future success and both programs have experienced good success. I dont see Glasier griping about Trinity since he keeps getting beat in the playoffs every year by T. But the fact that X beat T in the regular season shows that T is NOT invincible. The fact remains that T is a good playoff team and they know how to win in the playoffs. I dont know what the answer is but I dont think pushing them out just to make it "even" for everyone else is the answer. What happens then? What would be said if you did that and all of sudden Fern Creek were to win 4 or 5 titles in a span of 5 years?? Are people in 3A going to be complaining about Central because all of a sudden they are "dominating" the 3A playoffs?? What will people want then? I just feel that pushing T & X out of the picture in 6A is like trying to fix a flat tire by changing the driver. I dont think the real problem is being addressed...and even I dont know what the REAL problem is.
  2. I will be the first to admit that Male has made me eat my own words. A few weeks ago I posted a thought about Male "falling" from the ranks of the "Big 3" and here they are, not long afterwards, they are in the semis with a good chance of going back to the title game. Kudos to Male for getting it turned around when they had to. Obviously, I believe the loss to Manual really got their attention as a team and they have found a way to return to dominance. Someone said to me that Male has had the "luxury" of sneaking in the back door in this tournament. I was a bit irritated at that comment as it seemed to be a slap in the face of their opponents through out the tournament. Regardless, they have been playing well and consistent no matter what others think of their competition thus far in the post season. I think personally think that if Male can ride the momentum into this game, then it appears Male feels they have something to prove. With that said, I look for a tight game early on, with Male making the adjustments at halftime and pulling away late in the 3rd. Male 42 SK 21
  3. One other thing to consider about Green's connection to Ohio State: His dad and Brother are great men and I think highly of them. Though it may not be that big of a deal, it should be noted that when Green suffered his head injury a few years ago (a 3rd concussion in his playing career at that time, I think), either JCPS or KHSAA would not clear him to play until a doctor cleared him. None of the doctors Green went to in Kentucky would clear him. His dad and brother took him to see OSU doctors and the OSU doctors cleared him. Im not implying that anything improper took place here, but that it just stands to reason that this would be another reason to consider going to OSU, if their doctors cleared you to play the sport you wanted to play in. Additionally, I believe OSU also promised him a spot on the track team. IMO (and it isnt worth much), unless something changes, Green wont perform well at OSU in football, but he will be pretty darn good in track.
  4. Someone asked on another thread "What has happened to Male?" I thought I would post just some thoughts on this question on a new thread: Some could easily argue that Male is just having a down year as many teams go through, but I think that is really taking the easy way out. Having followed Male since Redman's arrival (and coached for and against them during that time), I have witnessed a significant rise and fall of this program. First, I think it goes without saying that Male hasnt learned how to deal with fact that they are unable to get the number of "quality" athletes they are used to in the past. With the restrictions that were placed on getting into the traditional program (cant get in unless you come through a feeder traditional middle school), gone are the days where players can just show up and enroll in Male. Consequently, the numbers have gone down and Male hasnt been able to adjust accordingly. Sure, they still get numbers, but not the quality they have been used to for so long. Second, there is not a regular off-season workout program for these kids. It is no secret that Redman is not a big fan of weight-lifting when that time can be used to work on learning offensive schemes and such. Other teams are getting stronger. THird, Speed no longer kills. Speed is great, but talent still wins. Even at that, we have seen many teams match up against Male's speed, meaning overall, Male's team speed isnt what it used to be. Fourth, the lack of promising QBs no longer allows Male to dominate the way they used to. QBs are not as talented as the Redman, Bush's and Ahrens. Arm strength, intelligence and accuracy are not there anymore. Fifth, Defense is not as intimidating as it once was. People know how to beat this defense, with so many other schools able to throw the ball now. One of the disadvantages to leaving your CBs all alone is when there is no real pressure on the QB, they are able to throw more accurate passes downfield (see speed match-up and talent). Teams with decent QBs are having more success these days. A defense that was once feared is now looked upon as more of a "We dare you to run it against" approach. There are many other reasons one could point to, but lets face it, the once "Big 3" of Jefferson County has been reduced to 2 (T & X). With the parity now visible with so many other schools (central, ballard, manual, etc), the days of Male's dominance are gone. I personally believe in order for Male to be successful again in terms of "dominating", they are going to have to return to the basics of football, practice fundamentals, and stopy relying on talent (or lack thereof). Justin Green could not carry this team alone. In the past, Male had multiple players on their team that could pick up the slack. Today, that is no longer the case. Just as the Miami's and Florida States had a strong run of dominating teams and then faltered, so to has Male. Only time will tell if the Bulldogs will ever be able to return to a program that is worthy of once again being able to be referenced as a member of the Big 3.
  5. If Im not mistaken...the kids in question at Western first played at Shawnee last year, then transferred to Iroquois at some point in time...THEN went to Western. I could be wrong, but I thought that was what happened. Im really not trying to start anything, but Im going off what I have heard. The thought was that Boyd was going to get the Iroquois job and thats why they went there from Shawnee, then when he didnt get it, they left for Western. If thats the case, clearly these kids wanted to play for Boyd. Nothing wrong with that, but it does raise some questions. Bottom line is...someone somewhere didnt get the job done right in making sure these kids were eligible to play. Where is Western's AD in all this??? Why is he/she not making sure that someone with Boyd's previous history is doing things on the straight and narrow? Im not involved, just on the outside looking in...but it still raises questions about the people involved and what their ultimate motives are. Regardless of the situation, if this is twice for Western in 2 years, then that would indicate to me there is some question about the AD's ability there. But this is just my opinion. Which then bears the question...who is supposed to be ensuring the AD is doing their job? Wouldnt that be the prinicpal? And if JCPS is to blame...that is a whole other mess. Clearly there are some bad issues here and in the end...good kids who didnt do anything wrong are getting punished.
  6. I believe if Central is to have a chance in this game, then it would be to their benefit to accomplish a few tasks: 1. Control the game on offense...take 4-5 yard gains and put yourself in manageable 3rd down situations. Keep Highlands' offense off the field as much as possible. 2. Control turnovers- Capitalize on Highland mistakes as they are few. Hold on the football to keep their Offense off the field. The more Highlands' O is on the field, the easier it will be to get worn down in the 4th qtr. Keep your defense fresh at all times. 3. Run north & south...not east-west- Highlands' LB corp is very well disciplined and the more you move east and west, the more you are allowing other defenders to come and help. Turn the corner, get up field, and then fall when you get tackled. Trying to do too much often leads to turnovers (see point 2). Anyone can see this game either being close or a blowout. Central needs to put themselves in a position where they are still close in the 4th qtr. They have enough talent to make a play or two to win the ball game. But that is going to be hard against a disciplined team like Highlands. They control the ball as well as anyone and Central cant afford to play catch-up all night by being down 2 or more scores. I think the 1st qtr is crucial for Central to score on as many possessions as possible. If you look at what Texas Tech did against Texas, they got up early, Texas fought back, but in the end, even when Texas went up, Texas Tech still only needed a field goal to win. Central could use a similar plan. Try to get up on Highlands early so that if Highlands fights back, your still not out of it. IN the end, I think the discipline and ball control ability of Highlands outlasts Central's raw speed. My guess: Highlands 38 Central 28
  7. Fern Creek goes as their QB goes. They play the same (or similar) defense as Male (Pressure with Man to Man coverage). They have some good speed but really try to use the passing game. They got jacked against Male last week after Male ate up 33 minutes of offense with a solid running game. They arent very big but pretty athletic. Normally, Creek has good receivers, but they dropped a lot against Male. QB is pretty quick and about 6'3 or so with a decent arm.
  8. The answer is that it all depends on the coach, the number of players you have on the sideline and ask yourself: "which is worth more...playing my starters and treat it as a scrimmage at the point to get more experience (and risk injuries) or play my JV guys?" In most cases, if your varsity is getting blasted by the opponents Varsity and JV squads...honestly, what good is it going to do to put the JV guys in if nothing else to get them experience. When I was at Iroquois, we kept our starters in for the simple fact that we only had about 30 players on the team, and the ones on the sidelines were mostly freshmen. The coaches decided it wasnt fair to them to get manhandled. We did change some personnel on offense a bit and moved guys around to different positions, but didnt bring in our own Freshman squad (we didnt even have a JV unit). Is there an unwritten rule?? Only if you are winning. Unless your starting QB is getting drilled all game long, then yeah, you probably want to pull him and maybe the starting RB if he is getting lit up like a pinball game. But other than that , if I had the numbers and was getting rocked like that, I wouldnt replace the whole unit. I leave my starters in and hope that they will have some success against the JV squad of the opponent, since those stats go in the books. If not...then he gets pulled and let the JV/Fresh player have some reps. But that is me. Im sure others have their own formulas for "What To Do If Im Getting Spanked 91-0"
  9. Several issues here, IMO. One, Male's talent continues to be on a downward spiral. The once-dominant Bulldogs could count on "Several" talented players, now find themselves extremely 1-dimensional in terms of offensive production. Justin Green can not carry this team alone and no one else seems to really be stepping up. 2) Male's offense has become too predictable. When you know that the majority of their offense is going to be centered around one guy (Green) be it a run (usually a sweep) or a screen pass (to Green), its just hard to get anything going. 3) Defense: As mentioned here numerous times, Male's defense isnt what it used to be. The "pressure defense" isnt doing the job it once was designed to do. Not to mention that it requires and relies on so much speed up front. I watched the game against Fairdale earlier and Fairdale did exactly what they had to do. They gave teh QB just enough time to throw a deep ball to a taller receiver downfield. Most of the time, the CB's found the ball too late and it resulted in a large gain and/or TD. Bottom line is that Male isnt that dominating team it once was. Gone are the days where they could line up and run what they want. In the past, Male could rely on pure talent and speed to run through their opponents. But as time has passed, Male has failed to practice and prepare a solid game plan, trying to rely on what has worked in the past. Now, teams are no long intimidated by Male. Male has become, dare I say, nothing more than just an average team. The gimmick plays no longer work. I've always said that if a team is talented enough to stuff up the middle, and get enough speed to prevent their RBs to get to the corner, then Male would struggle. Good teams have figured this out. It's sad because I like Male a lot. I hate to see them go down like this. But the truth is, now that their teams are not overloaded with speed and pure D-1 level talent, they struggle in games because their players are used to just showing up and running wild. They lack the experience in dealing with adversity against teams they normally would beat. Grinding out wins and not going for the big plays are not what they are used to. Personally, I feel that if Male is to be successful, they need to re-tool their offense to be more physical upfront. Dont expect the QB to make 15-20 yard passes, but 5 yard passes. Sustain drives, and let the game come to them instead of trying to make the homerun plays all the time. Defensively, I personally think they have to get more physical instead of relying on a defense that puts too much pressure on small CBs to play man to man. Male doesnt have that "swagger" anymore and that downward spiral could continue for a long while. They may do well in their district considering who is in there, but the bottome line is, against competition that is equal, Male will continue to struggle. The old Male could be gone. Can a new Male ever be as good as they once were? Stay tuned...
  10. Couple of things to consider with this position... 1. Assuming J-Town interviews and hires a coach who is a head coach somewhere else, yes, it would be another school having to scramble to find them a new coach too. 2. There is a relatively new Prinicpal at the school (I believe he was the former AD and Asst. Principal at Waggener). This is probably something he will want to be apart of...not sure how that will affect the speed of the hiring process 3. no doubt they will want to get someone in as quickly as possible 4. Wonder at this stage of the game, how many current HCs would be interested in leaving their former program to go here? 5. Im willing to bet they receive resumes from a lot of Assistants...maybe look to find someone who is able to show that they want to be at J-Town for a while. Though stranger things have happened, I am skeptical that they will receive interest from current HCs. Not to say it wont happen. Just be interesting to see what kind of names they get across their desk. Dont mean to be speculative here, but I do know an asst coach at J-Town and he has applied for it. I also have been told by 5 others that they have applied. This is a good school for an asst. to move into the HC ranks. But you never know. So the question is: Does J-Town make a swift hire and hire from within the former staff or do they take their time here? Guess it all depends on who applies. The 6 people I know that told me they applied, I honestly think 3 of them would be good hires. I wont divulge names to protect their current positions...only that none of them are current HC. Also, given the recent recruiting problem surrounding the basketball coach, I would venture to guess J-Town looks REAL close at all the applicants. This is an interesting job and should make for an interesting hire.
  11. Couple of things to point out here about Iroquois...when my brother coached with Thompson there there wasnt really a problem finding coaches...it was finding "quality coaches". Thompson wasnt about to hire guys who just wanted to show up on Friday nights. Likewise, he wasnt going to hire coaches that wanted to do things their own ways. I cant tell you the number of times freshmen players were called on to play varisty and had no clue what the offense or defense was. Once a coach left, Thompson figured if a candidate wasnt going to fit his needs, he would rather do it himself. Also, about the basketball players at this school....if you're not familiar with this situation it should be noted that the athletics department frowns on basketball players playing football. The new coach is going to find out soon that getting these kids out is not going to be an easy task. Thompson tried like hell. I spoke to my brother about this problem and he told me quote "Yes, there are a ton of athletes in that building...however...two questions: Are they playing basketball and if so, good luck getting them out. 2nd: Are they even in the right grade to be eligible to play?" Otherwise, Iroquois could easily have 60-70 players dressing". Good luck to the new coach. Its not going to happen overnight and it certainly isnt going to happen in 1-2 years. Its going to take a lot of time, frustration, sweat, etc. This is a school that is going to require someone who is willing to put together a long term plan to see any results. Hope it works out for everyone.
  12. Boy, a lot of names are being thrown out here for this job without any real "confirmation". As to why anyone would leave J-Town...it may not be a reflection of J-Town...could just be someone looking for another opportunity elsewhere. Not saying one school is better over another, but maybe at Butler the opportunities to work with better athletes is present. Dont think J-Town faired all that well last season. Granted its not like someone is leaving a place like Shawnee to go Doss or someplace like that...but in the end, it never hurts to "look". Getting back to my original point, I would think with all the names being tossed around on this thread, it might be better to just wait until there is definitive, reliable confirmation on these things before some parent, administrator or AD gets on here and gets ticked off for seeing a name on there that really shouldnt be there. I thought only confirmed names were to be put out here but that is me going off the history of reading BGP. Good luck to whoever becomes the coach.
  13. Just to add something here...and this may not be a very valid point...but one thing that needs to be considered in addressing the "why dont more KY schools play out of state teams?" question may have something to do with funding or lack thereof. As one coach told me "its not a question of whether or not we want to play outside competition from out of state, its a question of can we afford it...a lot of ADs and Principals are not willing to front the money to pay for travel cost to travel out of state." He also continued with "The bad thing about being in our situation is that we are not a 'recognized powerhouse' in which out of state teams would be willing to travel here and play us." So this then begs the question....if you are a school that is typically running at an average of 4 to 5 wins per season...how do you get better by playing outside competition if A) you cant afford to go there, B) no one will come to you and play because you "suck" or arent worth the trip and/or C) you are left with having to play the other "underachieving, lower performing" schools year in and year out because you need 10 games and the better competition wont play you unless they are in your district??? Any even if you manage to go 10-0...it then goes back to previously mentioned arguments...you're 10-0 against teams that predominantly 4-6, 5-5 or worse. Which means you probably havent really improved all that much to compete with the Ts, Xs and Males....you're just the best "average" team out there.
  14. Is Moore looking for a coach? I havent seen anything about that and Bob Johnson is a friend of the family and nothing has been mentioned about him leaving there.
  15. I personally think Male would benefit from a spread offense that doesnt rely too heavily on the big downfield plays. When I watched them this year, it seemed to me that Redman was trying to hard to get those "big" plays that he is used to. Since Male's talent seems to be dwindling (though they still have speed) and their QB position is as solid as in year's past, I would think that with the players they DO get, an OK QB who can run, backed up with decent, speedy receivers and a quick, but patient TB, they could do well. Their O-Line isnt great but could sustain a block for about 2-3 seconds necessary to free up the TB or QB. It seems to me they would be similar to West Virginia. Pat White was NO deep threat all the time, but he could run and had a host of ball carriers they could give it to...you didnt know who was gonna get the ball but whoever did had the potential to break a huge run.
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