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  1. Parents need to be realistic about the son's ability also. I know a couple of parents who didn't take visits to certain D3 schools thinking their son was too good for them. Those kids probably won't be playing anywhere. Another piece of advice is that if you son makes good grades don't think any school is "too expensive"
  2. Every MLB team is represented in the All-Star game so is that not an All-Star team? It's disrespectful to the kids to say otherwise. The kids were nominated because they were the best players on their team, if a coach didn't nominate a kid then there had to be a reason. If some kid you know didn't get nominated or picked .. talk to your coach.
  3. Thanks for the roster do you have the East roster?
  4. I used a combination of both for my son. I contacted a few schools during his junior year and they suggested the camps to go to over the summer. All three schools I contacted last year talked to us this year. The coach has since put us in touch with 3 more schools. He will probably end up at one of the schools the coaches put us in touch with but right now he has about 4 realistic options to play next year. It absolutely doesn't hurt to contact the school yourself. Usually (D1AA and lower) will have a way for recruits to contact on their webpage. It was a lot easier than I thought. With the lower schools the one thing I did notice is the better the grades, the more interested they are.
  5. Agreed .. I was one of the naysayers but I complimented the team greatly during the updates on Lone Oak/North Bullitt thread. Although my prediction wasn't far off. I said if North doesn't shoot themselves in the foot with dumb turnover and personal fouls they would win and North pretty much shot themselves in the foot. That doesn't take away from the fact that the Flashes have had a great year and should be proud. Not only a great QB but a couple of great WR's and an O-line that knows how to block for the offensive scheme. That said I think Lex. Catholic wins by 14. But there is nothing to be ashamed of in that for Lone Oak. Good Luck and I will be watching the game.
  6. Centre, Hanover and Cumberlands have all come to Bullitt East. The coach has done a great job at getting exposure for some of the kids. Centre has been following a couple of players all year here at BE. Seems like a lot of the D3 and NAIA schools are starting to make a push with visits to the campus in January.
  7. Will be held at St. X's field on Saturday December 15th. My information is that 43 area teams will be represented. Anyone know who is going yet? I know there are two kids from Bullitt East going. WR - Nate Hanson OL - Phil Rutledge
  8. I've heard various things about Rakes, I don't have any facts though. Cissell has improved each and every year. It used to be if you stopped him in the first quarter he was done for the game. Not anymore. Used to be if you kept him from getting outside he struggled on the inside, not anymore. Rakes was an incredible up the middle runner. Cissell is a better all-around back. I'm biased after watching him for the last 3 years but I don't think there is a better running back in the state. He will struggle to play D1 ball only because of stereotypes. Running backs his size play d1 ball all the time.
  9. I missed it .... have they always given a trophy to every kid that plays high school basketball? Since by your mentality they should have right since every team makes the playoffs? I really don't think the problem is the amount of teams making the playoffs, I think the problem is having to play your own district again in the first two rounds. Should go back to the old system where two regions mixed it up.
  10. I think at this point the only upset would be if Lex. Cath. didn't win the title.
  11. Congrats on the nice season North Bullitt ... in the 2nd half it was the usual things that cost NB the game. Turnovers, Reynolds trying to do everything himself, and stupid personal fouls. Cissell should of had about 40 carries Friday night. Very fun game to watch, I may have to tune in to the Lone Oak - Warren East game Friday if it is webcast also.
  12. Okay I'm out ... good luck Lone Oak next week against Warren East. I'd like to see a Lone Oak - Lex. Cath title game. I will watch the webcast next week. Brown and Robinson are great.
  13. This was a really good game .. too bad that the play calling for NB cost them. 48-33 with 2:10 left.
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