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  1. DeSales coach reached out to him after learning that his son (Jayden) was going to attend DeSales. I'm sure any HC would have done the same. Coach Scroggins will have a lot more free time to spend with all 3 of his kids. I've heard the 7th graded is better than the twins. Holy Cross which is not far from DeSales is where his daughter (Jordan) is going to school. Coach has already been seen at events for Holy Cross and DeSales has both kids have started participating in summer workouts.
  2. I heard rumors that they were waiting on one coach in Louisville to make a decision.
  3. Great to see a former Jacket get a HC job. Congrats.
  4. Yes sir I do, tickets are at Mid court about 10 rows up. $80 total.

  5. Do you still have tickets ? I am planning on taking my son tomorrow and am looking for good seats, what is your asking price ?

  6. Did Holmes play at another field or did they start this new field as soon as their season ended?
  7. J_Utah; You must have not been an AD in Jefferson County. No AD teaches. I thought that was one of the first things Jerry Wyman took care of when he became the AD of the District.
  8. Overstaffed is a word all Principals will throw out there. JCTA says that the lowest seniority person is the first to go when a Principal wants to start over staffing. So coaches that have been in the system for sometime should be safe. I know Coach Scroggins told his staff that the Principal of Central said he could be overstaffed.
  9. Don't be surprised if Rigdon gets out as well. I can see him going with Coach Lucas.
  10. Coaches do coach to help young players develop their skills and mode young males. However, in JCPS case they are not being paid fairly. Coach J has spoke the truth, every post he has posted is 100% correct. $7400 before taxes for entire season (including playoffs) is a disgrace to all coaches. Besides JCPS coaches, who would work over-time for free? Coach Scroggins said in the paper he has worked 40 plus games (45, I looked it up) for free. That would be 4.5 years which is a grand total of $33,480. :no: Why not pay them a percentage of their salary for every round in the playoffs? Or better yet, like one post mentioned $100 per round.
  11. PRP is one of the schools I was talking about. Another school from the Highway will soon come out. JCPS really needs to take an interest into football.
  12. What is going on in Jefferson County? I've been told there is another 6A and a 4A school getting ready to open up as well.
  13. Scroggins resigns as Central football coach. Ty Scroggins resigns as Central High School football coach
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