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  1. Hard to predict what's gonna happen. I don't know anything about Oldham's season thus far and Fairdale has been on the good side of two blow-outs ( 44-0 against Spencer Co. in a scrimmage and 64-0 against Iroquois). I can say I believe this Fairdale team has the potential to be Coach Jonathan Miller's best he has coached. I'm anxious for Friday!
  2. Yes. Trinity always has good wideouts. Im looking forward to seeing him play next year
  3. Jefferson County Schools seem to have some very good Junior and Senior Recievers for next year. I was wondering who you guys think will be on top at the end of the season
  4. Offensive line must get better if they are to improve. The skill positions are set with returning recievers and also with some transfers that have come in
  5. Three JCPS schools will come out of first round in this one.
  6. Assistant AD usually does an in-depth program - even for away games. If you can get your hands on one of these it would be a huge help for a radio broadcast.
  7. I have never seen a situation where a student/athlete moves from one parent to another and ruled eligible.
  8. Some younger players are going to have to step up - particularly the juniors to be. This team has very few seniors (one senior - QB - on the field during 7 on 7) - the QB and a few offensive linemen (having your experience in those positions can't hurt!)
  9. TigerKat. You mentioned you know some Butler folks. Is it true that the football players were consulted by administration and played a big part in the decision to fire Lucas? Are the animals controlling the zoo?
  10. If Catlett ends up at Butler, Butler may take Male's place as the Jefferson County traditional powerhouse within 5 years.
  11. I heard today that Doug Lucas was fired at Butler High School. Can anyone confirm?
  12. Don't even attempt to negatively spin this gesture. Class move from X. I appreciate it as a public school person.
  13. I can only speak for Jefferson County - Open Enrollment is limited to the district (Jefferson County).
  14. Ballard is going to have a tough time finding a coach to replace Mark Catlett. IMO, one of the best in the state....and a great role model for student/athletes. He was replaced because he lost to Trinity too many times. I think his being a prominent voice in the Public/Private debates led some to think he didn't believe he could compete with Trinity. I'm not so sure Redmond would do any better at Ballard. I don't know Redmond, but I would be surprised someone at his stage of their career would want to make a change like this. But then again, the egos of football coaches often lead to surprising decisions:lol:
  15. What exactly should be the outer most geographical limit for a student to enroll in a private school and be eligible for athletics?
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