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  1. As to Friday nights matchup, the "Black Curtain" Trojans seem extremely talented on defense led by their MLB and Tulane commit Michael Lunz, and their safety and UK commit Jordan Lovett. Both seem to let the personnel around them blitz and cover while they read and react. Lovett led the state of Kentucky with 15 interceptions last year. On offense, question will be if UK commit RB Lavell Wright is able to go. If not the entire offense changes to more pass oriented. North Hardin ran the ball about 60% of the time with Wright but seems to have gone about 70% pass in the last 2 games w/out Wright. Trojans have big time talent at WR and Slot with #8 Marcus Harris and his 46 catches. I think Jalen Sharps makes their offense with a WR pass along with Camron Smith. Tigers defense has to figure out how to get past Sophomore RT Trevon Alexander and his 6'6 340 frame and put pressure on 6'3 Jr. Manie Wimberly, who doesn't seem like a threat to run.
  2. There was a play in the Meade County game that I haven't seen in a game ever and the referee made I think the right call. At the end of the first half, Meade Cty was running a 2 minute drill and completed a pass and needed to run to the line and spike the ball. The lines got set, the ball got snapped quickly but loose and the quarterback took his right hand and slapped/threw the ball downward and the ball went to the ground. The North Harden defensive player jumped on the ball and the referee gave the ball to North Hardin. I don't think the QB had the ball at all so I think it was a good call.
  3. Per Bob Valvano's show today, this is a team with a good coach who is 8-0 and has an arena that seats 18,000 +. They fired the coach and are bringing in Rick. This is a perfect situation for Coach Pitino.
  4. OK I get it. $106 million wasted instead of Johnny Cueto or Mike Leake. But in 2019, the Cincinnati Reds will pay Homer Bailey $23 Million dollars. Options= A) If we trade him to another team, we will certainly have to pay part of that contract and we get no pitching from him. Plus since he is a 10 year total service and 5 with the same team, he gets to refuse the trade, if he wants to. B) Release him- 23 Million still to be paid plus the 5 million buyout next year. c) Move him to the bullpen- Homer doesn't like it and his K's have decreased with his arm injuries. Unless he develops a knuckleball, I don't think that will fly D) Pitch him every 5 days. 1-14 last year, team went 1-19 in his 20 starts. But, in those 20 starts, he got 2.82 runs support with 15 games ( 75%), he got 4 runs or less, half of them ( 50% ) 2 runs or less. 75% of his starts, he lasted 5 innings or more and faced at least 21 batters in every game. With the new pitching coach's help, maybe he can be our 5th starter. Even in last year, he still is better than Stephenson, Reed, Stephens, Romano, as an option. Converting Lorenzen or Garrett to a starter? Been there done that. So name him the 5th starter, and hope for the best. What is your thoughts?
  5. Another explanation is the defensive sideline seems to be crowded and the team/coaches could be stepping on the chains. But the front stick seems to move from the :08 to the :10 in the video. If the kink was detected, it should of been corrected before the snap. The referee could of motioned for the first down and the line judge ( opposite chains) would of had the best look whether the line to gain was achieved. A good mechanic is to measure on all close 4th down plays, not to rush forward and give the first down or call it short.
  6. Anthony Moretti struggled but St Xavier ran the ball real well by deploying the QB Doug Bodaine as a running threat with 4 and 5 wide formations against Man coverage. Since both Male and Trinity both like to send the LBs on a blitz, and are predictable as to which one is coming, the lanes were available with a lead blocker in front of him. Overall, the grass field with rain at Male hurt the amazing team speed of Male. I expect Male to play like the #1 ranked team left in the playoffs.
  7. Winner gets 4 home games for playoffs including Trinity. Loser travels to North Hardin in round 2 and gets rematch at winner in round 3.
  8. For reference, Luke Fickell, 2nd year coach at University of Cincinnati, wouldn't allow anyone to wear University of Cincinnati gear until they earned it. Let's not forget Trinity will be the #1 seed from their district in the playoffs so to roughly quote Mark Twain, reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated and will be judged by November record, not a non-district game in September.
  9. Don't be surprised by a closer score than you think. PRP had 5 Turnovers in the first half against St Xavier. PRP graduated 9 players that are playing college football now so PRP is down but wouldn't be surprised with a 24-7 game score.
  10. While I love that St Xavier frosh are being successful, it sounds like Trinity is making alot of un-Trinity mistakes, i.e dropping punt snaps, pass interference, personal fouls, inelgible downfield, etc.
  11. That is great news. I'll be in the parking lot doing interviews before the game.
  12. Just a few names to watch on Butler's team-Tae Tae Crumes-WR, Chaz Burks- QB, Frank Caldwell-WR-P, and Eric Jackson-RB. Male was beat up in the playoff game last year- sorry to hear that they are missing 2 defensive starters.
  13. To the Rocks followers on here- we will be running 98% of the time! Remember what Woody said- only 3 things happen when you pass and 2 of them are bad....
  14. Can somebody familiar with Highlands tell me why Dreves vs Cramer? I don't know the pitchers but it seems by the stat page that bringing Cramer back would be better. I see a lot of K's under Dreves but was he hurt so only the 3 wins going into the tournament?
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