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  1. Coach Taggert is building a nice program with some nice talent from Kentucky. Congrats young man.
  2. Really? I'm sure its tough for scheduling reasons with EKU, but this tournament brings in some nice dollars to EKU and Richmond. If that is true dmderringer I sure do hate to hear it.
  3. The 44th district which consists of Madison Central, Madison Southern, Berea, and Model has had a draw forever. Model and Berea always use this cry as give us a chance. Well, for the first year in 20 years Model and Berea are as good if not better than Southern and will probably still want to draw. I hope Berea or Model will choose to draw so they can get the wrath of not going to the 11th Region tournament and finally feel the sting of not seeding. Other than Central the 44th district is irrelavent anyway but KHSAA needs to pass a rule for seeding and every year let the best two teams go to the Region Tournament.
  4. Having it at Alumni at EKU is so much better. Richmond is a college town and is built to host a tournament like the All A. It will be back in Richmond after this stint in Frankfort is over and the great people around here will welcome it back and certainly know how to host a tournament.
  5. Dominque is a VERY good high school player but he is not a D-1 basketball player, he is a D-1 football player. He isn't tall enough to really excell at basketball in the D-1 level. I would honestly say Central has about 3 or 4 kids who could play small college ball. The O'Bryan kid can flat play ball and has good handles and if open will knock down the jumper. As usual Central is always near the top of the 11th region, and to this point is the favorite to win it, but as we all know the 11th is a beast to get out of. Central wins by 12 and I don't really see them being pushed very hard in this game even though Montgomery has a good team.
  6. Keep it up Indians, looks like this was your first close game and they are going to get tougher in the next couple of weeks. Coach Feldhaus is a great coach, and he reminds me so much of coaches from generations ago, kind of like a Bobby Knight without the sweater.
  7. They'll beat the "Rocks", Central has more talent on that team than most think, John O'Brien has flat out got skills and doesn't get much attention outside Richmond. A far as Montgomery goes it will be a 10 or 15 point win for Central.
  8. He left Trimble on his own, last time I talked to him he was living in Richmond and had applied for the Madison Southern job a few times but did not get that spot. Also, I think he would do a great job at Dunbar if they would leave him alone and let him do his thing, something it sounds like Bourbon didn't do.
  9. I would have to say Madison Central's gym is pretty neat. It still has that old appeal to it, but since they put new lights in there it makes the floor very bright, and everything else kinda dark. Plus there is a lot of good basketball played in that gym!
  10. Southern will get beat badly, this is probably the worst basketball team they have had in about 10 years.
  11. I personally think the game needs to be moved to January. The summer game isn't really a good idea because of the kids going to college to play ball. I see both sides of the arguement, but I like the game in January as well. Fault=Kentucky
  12. Well I'll also say that Model is one of the most undisciplined teams I have ever seen. No matter who they play the players and coaches whine and cry. I do think Model has a decent team, but the boys need to learn to control their emotions a little better. If the ref did say that then that is VERY unprofessional, but none the less Model needs to learn to play a more controlled game as far as emotions go. I like the Model team, but things like this will cause more harm than good.
  13. I wasn't very impressed with Holmes at all. Southern does have one really good player in the Abshear kid, and Roberts is a streak shooter. Southern actually out worked Holmes, but the better team won. Other than maybe Model, Southern in the worst team in the 11th region so I think Holmes will struggle against solid teams.
  14. Well, IMO I think that this job needs to be opened up. The only decent success they had was their first couple of years when Todd Harris was there but that wasn't much. I think there are many qualified assistants and other programs that need to be asked to apply or given a shot. I'm not trying to be rude to Jackson Co., but not many people know much about football, and this needs to be opened up and see what they can get to come into Jackson Co.
  15. That's the whole point of this...Thank you HT721 for being the first to read this, and get that point. :thumb:
  16. I was told that this job was open for about two days and then closed because the Superintendent has the guy he wants. If I'm not mistaken Jackson Co. has been pretty irrelevant and that if things like this continue they will continue to be that way until the correct people are put into place to hire a true football coach. The Principal I think knows his stuff, but he and the Super do not agree on most things, and as most know all to well it pays to know somebody who knows somebody. Get it right Jackson Co. You all are sitting on a possibly good team, but you need somebody who knows nothing of Jackson Co. to right this ship. Who would be good choices?
  17. Like the old saying in football goes..."SPEED KILLS". I'm pulling for Bell Co., but I give Central the edge. Central 42 Bell 28
  18. Berea is better than what most people think. Berea 28 Harlan 27
  19. Damian Harris is out with a chipped bone in his elbow, Casey Dionne is serving a suspension for getting tossed along with three South Laurel players, and I think 4 kids are out due to injury. All that being said I still think this game isn't close even if those guys did play. Garrard has a really good team, and I think they could play a couple of rounds deep into the playoffs. Good luck the rest of the way Lions!
  20. Garrard County should win by a wide margin tonight. Madison Southern has some nice players, but with suspensions from last weeks game with South Laurel and the fact that Madison Southern has a terrible offensive line I am going to say... Garrard County 52 Madison Southern 14 This is my son's last game in an Eagle uniform, and I'll tell you now I'm kind of glad. Southern has gotten better over the course of the year, but in my opinion these things must be corrected. Yes the numbers are way up. We are finishing the year with about 55 kids and that has not happened since Doug Carter's third or 4th year. I'm not even sure what defense we have, our fronts and coverages literally change every game and I know what some of you will say, but if you don't have a base defense how can your kids really learn to play that side of the ball. Madison Southern has not played a team faster than them at all, and we run the slowest offense in the world. We run a slow playing veer or that's what Coach Clark tells us. I do think things are better than when Coach Brmley was here, but I hope Coach Clark has learned from this year and I expect Southern to be a team to watch out for in the next few years if a few minor adjustments are made.
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