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  1. I saw Lincoln this past Friday at Madison Southern, and I must say they are not real impressive. They have pretty good size, but looked very undisciplined and make way to many mistakes. Rockcastle should roll. Rock 42 Lincoln Co. 8
  2. Since Madison Central may not win a game, will they fire Coach Brown at the end of the season like they did Kenny Turner? I know they will not do this, but it is just food for thought on how things happen in Richmond sometimes.
  3. I agree, but three years ago this was the #1 overall team in the state, and now they can't defeat a 2A power. That is the point I'm making.
  4. Knox Central would be my choice. They went from getting beat down by a lot of schools, to whipping Rockcastle, and without a horrible call against Bell two years ago may have beaten them. Knox Central will always have a tough time beating Bell Co., but so does about everybody else.
  5. Wow, another beat down handed out by West Jessamine. Looks like Garrard County is in for a long years as well.
  6. I think the reason it happens is because most coaches in Kentucky "really" have to teach classes. In other states majority of coaches only coach and still make enough money to live and provide for their family. I have two friends in Georgia who are head coaches at public schools, but they do not have to teach and still make 50,000 dollars a year. Kentucky does not really commit to this thought process. I'm not really for it or against it, but I know many coaches feel that they are providing positive outcomes for their school and community by simply coaching. Especially in football it is a year around job with two weeks in the summer and a week or so during Christmas off. Coaches who teach are at school from 7 A.M. until 8 or 9 at night, when you think about it this may be a reason KY highschool football coaches leave for other states.
  7. No offense to NewCath because I know the tradition they have, but if Madison Central loses tonight, then you might want to write them off the rest of the year. Newport Central Catholic 42 Madison Central 16
  8. SARR, while I respect your opinion I don't really think this is a totally true statement. It is true that the wins have not been there, but in the last five year there have been two D-1 player come out of this program (Luke Stocker starting TE at UT, Rico Brown WR at WKU) and Robert Dees who is the starting strong safety at EKU. I do take exception to that statement, because there have been programs to never get D-1 players coming through their program. Southern should win more games, but I'll also say in this programs defense that the support even when they have had good teams has never really been there. I'll stick to my prediction MSHS 27 Lincoln 22
  9. I know this isn't the highlight game of the week, but this really is a big game for both programs. Lincoln Co. and Madison Southern both have way higher expectations than what the results have showed the last few years. I could remember that if this game took place 4 or 5 years ago this would have been a huge match-up. Both of these teams need some excitement and I hope the Eagles come out on top. Come on folks, lets get a little chatter going on here!
  10. I agree with this call, Madison Central gained nothing with the late touchdown. All they showed was their varsity could score on a freshman team.
  11. Who wins this one? I'm gonna say the Eagles in a tight one. M.S. 27 Lincoln Co. 22
  12. Things like this come back to haunt you; I don't like it either.
  13. Wow papa, never known a Rockcastle team to play without heart or life, thats the foundation of Rockcastle football.
  14. I was at this game and can honestly say I was a bit surprised and how easy this was for the Bobcats. Central looked very confused about all facets of the game.
  15. Looks like McCreary and Madison Southern are set for a huge match-up now!
  16. Yeah I think so, thats a hard working bunch of kids, I was at the game the other night. They ran the I-formation which is not good for a small kids IMO, and they don't do a good job tackling even though they are at or near the ball. I wish the Eagles luck though!
  17. Madison Southern plays a schedule that is way to tough for a team that has struggled since 2006, TRENCHMASTER, it does look like another tough year.
  18. Well realistically McCreary only needs to beat Madison Southern to reach the playoffs, as far as this team is concerned it will be hard to win 6 games, but if they do it it would be quite the accomplishment for a one-time struggling program to really start to gain some respect around the state. Good luck to the fellows down south!
  19. Lincoln should be improved from last year, but I think they will have to wait for their first win of the year next week.
  20. Coach Hart should have his boys ready to go in this one, I look forward to seeing this score. I'll predict Ashland 36 Raceland 12.
  21. I spoke with a few of the Rockcastle coaches, and they are excited that the youth is starting to grow up. However, I still think Rockcastle is still a year away from being the "Rock" of old. It should be a battle, but I'll say... Danville 28 Rockcastle 17
  22. I have feeling this game will be close to start, but by the time the 4th quarter rolls around Dudley and crew will be up by a comfortable margin.
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