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  1. Should be a fun game to see...Damien Harris is awesome but he doesn't have the horses with him to pull this out. Madison Central 35 Madison Southern 21
  2. Will Damien Harris set the tone for his claim for Mr. Football?
  3. There are some really good coaches in KY, my brother is moving to Central KY in the next year and he has a boy and girl who are solid runners, and he's curious on maybe where to send them. Any thoughts...? I talked to Gordon Bocock about a month ago and he gave me a few names of good coaches...any others? Mark Brummett-Rockcastle Bob LaDuer-Madison Central Kathy Broadnax-Bryan Station Dustin Busler-Berea Demetrius Gay-Henry Clay Chris Hawbolt-Tate Creek Bill Smith-Mercer Dodd Dixon-Clark
  4. RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN...up the tempo and try and wear the post player out!
  5. One of Berea's best players left (Connor Coyle) and went to Madison Southern. IMO its a dirty move.
  6. I would agree Madison Central may have to best coaches in the state, but I really don't see Central getting back to the sweet 16 or even a Regional final for quite some time.
  7. Not that everyone didn't already know this but the Maroons are REAL DEAL!!!
  8. This should be a good game. This is the first home playoff game Southern has hosted since 2005. Who wins?
  9. I see both sides of the arguement, but I think you play these games with the possiblity of getting hurt. What if Trinity loses their best player (I know at Trinity you just replace them) but most teams do not have this luxury. But at most schools losing a good player when you are up 50 points is a bad idea. This needs to be looked at further.
  10. Madison Central will lose in the first round of the playoffs, unless these coaches make their kids forget this one. Madison Central may be one of the most dissappointing teams in the state on a consistent level. Every year they have talent and every year they lose games they should win at the end of almost every season.
  11. Good win Garrard County, I did think we would win this game, but I will say I thought the score would be higher than it was for both teams. Coach Scenters had a very nice game plan and I thought his kids did a great job executing the game plan. I'm sure Mark was thrilled to beat Southern not just because that is where he went to school, but because he also applied for the Southern job a few years back as well. I thought Southern played well on defense, but Garrard's D-line was to much for Southern's O-line and to me that was the difference in the game. On to the playoffs where we have Perry Central at home. GO EAGLES
  12. LOL...You are correct sir. I guess I am guilty of judging the book by the cover! Good luck to you guys Friday, it should be a tough game, and one I know Mark will have his boys ready for.
  13. Should be a pretty good game. Madison Southern 35 Garrard Co. 18
  14. I just wanted to take a second here and let people know the fine job the boys at Madison Southern High School are doing. My son graduated 2 years ago and I was on the former coach down there pretty hard. I thought that staff did some very good things while they were there but the wins just did not come. Coach Clark's senior class is made up of Coach Brumley's kids and those kids were fighters then and after watching several games this year they still are. Coach Clark has built a different mentality with the younger kids and I think it has paid off so far. Coach Clark does have the blessing of having probably the best young RB in the state and has done a good job raising the level excitement around the program, something I thought Brumley never did. I think Southern has 3 good solid years to look forward to, and if the 2 middle schools that feed into Southern now is any indication the Eagles could really be making some noise in the next 5 or 6 years. I know that many of the other coaches in the building think Coach Clark gets what he wants whenever he wants and that may be true, but Coach Clark is out working the other coaches in that school as well. I hope coaches down there take a page out of his book and start building these kids and this program up. The last two head coaches down there seemed to be to negative and not encouraging enough. I played here in the early 90's and am so glad that this school is hitting another good run of football like when Coach Elkin and when Coach Carter first got there. The difference this time is that Southern really does have a chance to make this last for several years. GO EAGLES!
  15. Clark Co. coming to the 44th would finally give this district somebody that could beat Central more than once every 20 years.
  16. To be honest with you I think all these teams in that Louisville district will win their first round match-up.
  17. One thing I have heard is that the 44th district will move to the 12th region. This would be VERY beneficial to Model, Berea, and Madison Southern. It really doesn't matter what region Madison Central is in.
  18. Madison Central should start the year at #1, but I'll also say with the talent they have most years they are a BIG underachievers. Correct me if I'm wrong but they have been to the Sweet 16 twice in the last 15 years? I know the 11th region is a monster, but Madison Central needs to get it done. GO INDIANS
  19. Didn't go watch this one, but the Eagles keep playing pretty well.
  20. Stay the course HB, McCreary will rebound, but I think most saw this one coming. If administration is so terrible down there why is nothing done about it? I have a very good friend who teachers down there and he tells me the same thing you tell us. Hopefully retirements will happen sooner rather than later. Chin up McCreary.
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