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  1. Can anyone explain the story behind the changes in the schedule for the 8th region girls' tourney for the semi-finals and title games, and also list the times and participants?
  2. FYI #1 - JCPS and Oldham County schools are worlds apart when it comes to pay. FYI #2 - Wonderful test scores don't buy many groceries for a coach's family.
  3. It is interesting that there has been so much instability at OC the last 12-15 years, as it used to be one of the best programs in the 8th region. It seemed like the program was turning the corner under Coach Jefferson the past two seasons and was poised to be the top team in the district.
  4. Congrats to Mercer Co. and Coach Souder for a great run. Plus, I understand that this strictly a "homegrown" group of young ladies, to boot. Hats off to all.
  5. Un-Be-Lievable. Yet another truth is stranger than fiction moment in high school sports.
  6. I totally agree with your CJ assessment. It used to promote high school sports better.
  7. Ballard Lady Bruins Tearra Banks - Austin Peay (2013) Javonna Layfield - Dayton (2014) (several earlier players, but details uncertain)
  8. South Oldham Lady Dragons Jennifer Jaracz - Nebraska (1998) Lauren Jones - Austin Peay (2008) Jasmine Whitfield - Cincinnati (2012)
  9. No reason to doubt your opinion here, CFL. It's simply amazing that no Shelby team is considered a top-tier team --- in their own DISTRICT!!! Times certainly do change.
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