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  1. To be fair, WKU is in a rough spot geographically. Within a few hours drive there are 3 SEC teams and an ACC team. It's hard to find a huge fan base with a market so saturated. Thankfully, WKU has started to build a decent one over the last 7 years with a successful football team when UKY and Vanderbilt were down. The basketball team is now nationally respected again, but the football team had an inexplicable downfall at the same time. WKU isn't going to get its bread and butter from basketball when two of the top programs in the country are in the same state. Football is what WKU really needs to excel at in order to continue rising. Couple the fact that our football team is in a slump with the current reality of UKY actually being good at football for the first time in a decade & the nice niche that WKU had carved out in South Central/Western Kentucky/Nashville starts to fade. I respect the hell out of UofL for scheduling WKU in sports. Next year they play us in football & basketball in Nashville. UKY hasn't scheduled WKU in basketball since 2001-2002, when WKU beat them by 12 in Rupp. WKU and UKY, two of the winningest programs in NCAA history, have only met 6 times ever. They didn't want to renew the football series after the events of 2012 & 2013. Meanwhile, UofL and WKU have met SEVENTY NINE (79!) times in basketball!
  2. During his time a MSU, he was the winningest coach in the SEC besides Calipari. 14th most all time wins in the SEC. I think his inability to make it past the round of 32 is what got him to "retire" after 14 or so years. WKU is going to be a great team as long as we can keep him.
  3. I think WKU is already out of contention for an at-large bid, unless they somehow win out the rest of the year. WKU would have a better shot at making the Elite 8 in the NCAA tournament than they would in running the table in conference play. Young squad, all playing together for the first time. Was bound to be some hiccups. WKU is more talented and athletic than anyone they have played this year, but they are YOUNG. If they didn't drop a goose egg against Indiana State, Troy, and Missouri State, WKU would be an easy at large team right now & be close to a Top 25 ranking. Nobody will want to see WKU in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament if they win CUSA. They can beat anyone. The problem: WKU can also be beat by anyone.
  4. Wish P6 conference teams played more of these road games against good mid-major schools like Western. Would be great for college basketball. You would see a lot more of these upsets and more WKU's of the world making the NCAA tournament. Instead you have most big schools playing only home/neutral court games until conference play starts.
  5. UCF without their starting QB and in a consolation game with LSU. LSU will play like it's their Super Bowl and UCF will simply be unmotivated against a 3 loss team. LSU could pull off the upset but I will go with UCF by 10.
  6. UCF cannot play in a NY6 bowl if they don't win the AAC CCG. G5 autobid goes to highest ranked G5 Conference Champion. If UCF loses, they are not eligible. That would likely go to Boise State. However, UCF could still get an autobid into a NY6 bowl if they lose and don't drop too much. Hard to say.
  7. Hard to say. Most WKU fans are hesitantly excited. Helton was a key part of Brohms offense in our two Top 25 finishes in 2015/2016. He is bringing in Brian Ellis from USC, who was part of WKU's staff during those Brohm years as well. Seems like a "getting the band back together" type of thing, which could work out well if they are successful at mimicking the Brohm style again. A big reason Sanford failed was likely that he surrounded himself with a bad and inexperienced staff, which is a big red flag for a first time head coach. Since Helton seems (so far at least) to be taking his staff seriously, I think this could be a successful hire. We will see next year.
  8. I have been a big Todd Stewart fan and still am. He has only made one bad hire in his 6 years at the helm (Sanford). He brought in Petrino, chose Brohm, Stansbury, etc. Him stepping in after only 2 years to get rid of his one mistake is a good sign, imo. It is possible that Stewart has been doing interviews behind the scenes. It's been rumored that he had made up his mind about Sanford since we lost to Charlotte back in mid October.
  9. Surprised there hasn't been a thread about this posted yet. WKU fired Sanford yesterday after just 2 seasons. Took a WKU team that finished in the Top 25 in 2015 & 2016 and went 6-7 and 3-9 in his two seasons, with little signs of improvement. Looks like WKU is about to hire UTK OC Tyson Helton. WKU fans seem perplexed by this hire, as it is exactly the type of hire Sanford was: an OC at a P5 school with WKU ties who is about to be fired from their current job. Helton was OC for WKU in their 12-2 #24 AP poll season in 2015, however that offense is mostly attributable to Brohm. Helton was run out at USC last year, and UTK was one of the worst offensive teams in the country this year with Helton at the helm.
  10. WKU takes on UCF for the Myrtle Beach championship, this Sunday 5:30PM CT on ESPN2.
  11. WKU missing two starters for this game, one of them the PG. 2nd guy we are missing was an essential piece in breaking down a zone defense. Still up at 9 at half. WKU will be ridiculously good once they get those two starters back, one of them tomorrow and the other in about a month.
  12. Why would you want to cut down the NCAAT field? Some of the most exciting games of the year are during the first couple rounds because of cinderella teams. A 32 or 16 team field would never have yielded us UMBC over Virginia, or Loyola to the F4.
  13. Selection committee does not get to see the names of teams they are selecting for the tournament and only get to see completely objective team sheets.
  14. I must be the only one hoping UofL doesn't get Brohm. With him at Purdue, I can safely root for him. If he is at UofL I'm going to have to hope he fails. :(
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