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  1. Can anyone explain the story behind the changes in the schedule for the 8th region girls' tourney for the semi-finals and title games, and also list the times and participants?
  2. FYI #1 - JCPS and Oldham County schools are worlds apart when it comes to pay. FYI #2 - Wonderful test scores don't buy many groceries for a coach's family.
  3. It is interesting that there has been so much instability at OC the last 12-15 years, as it used to be one of the best programs in the 8th region. It seemed like the program was turning the corner under Coach Jefferson the past two seasons and was poised to be the top team in the district.
  4. Congrats to Mercer Co. and Coach Souder for a great run. Plus, I understand that this strictly a "homegrown" group of young ladies, to boot. Hats off to all.
  5. Un-Be-Lievable. Yet another truth is stranger than fiction moment in high school sports.
  6. I totally agree with your CJ assessment. It used to promote high school sports better.
  7. Ballard Lady Bruins Tearra Banks - Austin Peay (2013) Javonna Layfield - Dayton (2014) (several earlier players, but details uncertain)
  8. South Oldham Lady Dragons Jennifer Jaracz - Nebraska (1998) Lauren Jones - Austin Peay (2008) Jasmine Whitfield - Cincinnati (2012)
  9. No reason to doubt your opinion here, CFL. It's simply amazing that no Shelby team is considered a top-tier team --- in their own DISTRICT!!! Times certainly do change.
  10. What are the criteria for determing what is a good job? There are many perspectives to consider - in particular, the "real" day job that provides the cash for the coach, plus the degree of administrative support.
  11. What are your perspectives on how well our esteemed senators are doing in DC? Are they effectively representing the best interests of Kentuckians? And are they effectively addressing the needs of US citizens? Personally, I voted for both but am displeased with their performances, and am displeased with the Dems for not offering higher quality alternatives. Why can't (or wont) elected all Congressmen carry out their duties better?
  12. Congrats to Collins on a fantastic win. I cannot help but wondering if folks in Anderson Co., Oldham Co., and South Oldham have been pondering the "what-ifs" a bit.
  13. This is like a game of five-card-stud. Coaches Schooler and Renner pretty much know each other's cards very well, but each has one unknown. It will be interesting to see them play, and should be a tenacious game - well worth the ticket price.
  14. A. Judd - She deserves a well-intentioned gift - crushed and powdered Chee-tos to bathe in after she departs from Rupp and loses her season tickets. NBC News - The main benefit gained from it is being able to see and hear what the enemies of the President are interested in feeding viewers on any given day. Leaks - It will extremely interesting how the situation regarding Edward Snowden unfolds. The patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence were criminals in the eyes of the British king and Parliament, which fogs the lens we use to examine Mr. Snowden's actions. However we can count one of these two scenarios: either NBC will attack Snowden if he seems helpful to President Trump - OR - NBC will grant him sainthood if he is supportive of former President Obama's administration. Let's enjoy some b- ball now and return to the politics later!
  15. WKU and BG seems to have embraced the entire tourney more than at NKU and the metro Cincy area, in my opinion. NKU has a fine facility, and should be proud of it. However there doesn't seem to be the warm-welcome, southern hospitality vibe that BG exuded. Arguments for Frankfort and Memorial are valid regarding location and facilities. But it depends on the attendence and, really, the community buy-in to make it the special event that it should be.
  16. Two excellent teams, with very different enrollment totals, playing a great game in an unseeded tournament. This is an example of why our Sweet 16 is a great tourney that does not need to be "fixed" by class distinctions. Congrats to both teams for great seasons, and to Murray for continuing their dream year.
  17. Should the girls' tourney remain at NKU or return to WKU?
  18. Will South rise again? Their previous trips to Rupp they went as district runner-up, I believe.
  19. NO CLASS BASKETBALL. PERIOD. Someone posts this slop every year or two, and it is an attempt to mollify adults who can't stand that their kiddos weren't victorious enough to cut down the nets. Passtheball correctly mentioned the now-neutered Indiana state tournament, which formerly was THE best high school tourney, with Kentucky's being a close a close second. But now the IHSAA tourney(s) are watered-down and lackluster versions of the past. Now Kentucky's is the best, but whiners want to lessen it for selfish reasons. The wisest choice is to not to go down that road. School size is not the issue at hand. The greatest factor to address is those schools that "collect talent" vs. those that do not or cannot. That is what makes an unlevel playing field. "Collecting of talent" is the problem in many regions, as schools that cannot are loosing their kids to other schools.
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