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  1. Agreed Maroon, Pulaski did a good job of staying the course and getting the win. I have a feeling these 2 teams may possibly see each other in a possible 2nd round match-up. Hope the rest of you season goes well.
  2. Damien Harris rushed for five touchdowns, giving him 30 TDs on the year. He finished the night with 260 yards on 24 carries
  3. Man we shot ourselves in the foot this week. We moved the ball at will, and to be honest so did Pulaski Co. I really thought we outplayed the Maroons, but when you fumble 3 times and lose by 1 point the proof is in the pudding. Congrats to Pulaski Co.
  4. Take a look at Knox Central as an example of staying the course. I remember just 5 or 6 years ago how they struggled to stay in games, and little by little they kept working. The last few years they have hit their stride. Teams who have or are considering doing away with football should use the handbook that these young men have used. Good work from all of the coaches who have been involved over this time period. HATS OFF!!!
  5. I can say that he isn't going to UK, I can just about bet on that. Pretty positive that if he stays in state he would go to Louisville if coach strong is still there, but I'd bet he goes out of state.
  6. Well Ryan Timmons is also over two years older, and yes Timmons is about a half step faster, they raced three times last year in track. Hopkins is very good, but he also has better players to go along with him. You can argue for any three of these kids and not be wrong. Nonetheless, Damien is a great kid. He is still 15 years old, makes great grades, and is a yes sir, no sir kid. Nobody said he was the best back in the state right now, but I'll say he is the best sophomore in the state, and at this point is one of the best backs overall in the state as well. I just hope people come to Madison Southern and watch this kid play and make up their own mind.
  7. He is a sophomore, but has to be the best one in the state, and may be a top 10 player in this state right now. Some of you out there my laugh a little at this, but come to Berea and watch this kid and then tell me he isn't. Go Eagles!
  8. I'll take the Eagles in this one. Damien Harris is the best sophomore back in the state. If Southern's line can hold a half second then they should win. Madison Southern 42 Southwestern 36
  9. NO WAY. McCreary Central needs new administration and that's what needs changed. McCreary Central just a few years ago was a very solid team. Yes I know that McCreary Central does not have kids like the Watts kid very often and a few others that were on that team, but that is no reason to get rid of a program. One of my best friends teaches at MC and has told me that its the adminstration that really does not support sports in general at MC. Another thing that has hurt this program is the power struggle of a couple of coaches in the school who try and dominate the entire school and do not support other programs. This could be handled very easily if the "powers that be" simply allocated coaches to worrying about their own team. Kids need sports in general. In some cases its the only reason some kids show up to school and even try. Like many of you have said earlier sports and certainly football help teach kids life lessons and teamwork, and Lord knows we need more of that. If McCreary drops football it would be a huge mistake.
  10. Catholic 35 Madison Central 12 I have seen Madison Central twice and their QB play is not good at all. They have skill positions with Hawkins and Chenault, and the WR isn't bad, but Stocker cannot get the ball their on a consistent basis. Madison Central's O-line also struggles. They have great team speed, but I really think this is an overrated bunch. I did not think that going into the season, but watching the Indians let Boone Co. back in the game and then watching them struggle with Mercer Co., I think I thought a little to much of them early on.
  11. My prediction was so off last week with Mercer and Madison Central, but I think this game winds up being 38-22 Scott Co. I have now watched Madison Central twice and they have to clean things up. They seem not to do one thing very well, but do things good enough to get by. Not this week.
  12. Was told by someone very close to the program that people in Mt. Vernon are very upset with the coaching staff at Rockcastle Co. Coach Parkey was the middle school coach forever and of course is the high school coach now. I have heard that numbers in the middle school are down and that the coaching there is not all that knowledgeable about fundamentals, and now it is bleeding into the high school. Was told by a former coach at Rockcastle Co., that this is not looking good for the rest of the season and that something needs to be done now. Anybody else heard anything like this.
  13. I agree with that as well. Madison Central is always loaded in almost every sport and never seems to win anything of importance.
  14. After watching Madison Central play Boone Co. I thought the Indians would win pretty easily to Mercer. My score was WAY OFF. Hats off to Mercer on a hard fought game, but the Indians did win even though they should have been beaten.
  15. Southern is not big up front but looked to have some good first steps on the O=line, if they can put that together I look for them to compete.
  16. Southern had three turnovers that all lead to the 21 points they lost by. Damien Harris did not play so I'm concerned if this kid is ever going to play.
  17. WOW...I am shocked by this. Tough times in Mt. Vernon.
  18. Damien Harris is unbelievable. This is his sophomore season and he just turned 15 in February. Wake Forest has already offered him a scholarship, but the thing that worries me about Damien is his teammates. His O-line struggles to get a body on anybody, and after Damien gets stuck a couple of times he gets a little gun shy (for lack of a better term). Right now he is one of the fastest kids in the state and has the body as well, but if his teammates don't step up it will be a long year for what may be the most talented kid in the state.
  19. Didn't mean it like the AINT, I was just saying that with all the area schools that were brought up I was just curious to see if kids/parents may be possibly moving kids to other schools around the area. Oh, I know the tradition and the great teams that come out of Boone Co., I was just playing a little devil's advocate.
  20. I didn't think Garrard played as well as a I expected, but I do expect a very good year from them. They toughed the Clay Co. game out.
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