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  1. They trounced Trimble Co. 36-0. I know Trimble will struggle this year, but Berea seems to have a decent team. My brother went and watched them and said he could see them winning 6 or 7 games on their schedule. Coach Coleman must being doing something right in!
  2. So GURU, do you think Boone is in a slow decline here? I think Boone played pretty well I just think Central had better players overall.
  3. Garrard should be better than this score indicates. I went to this game and was a little shocked. Clay Co. has a tough bunch of kids. Hats off to the Coach Scenters and his staff.
  4. After watching Rochcastle scrimmage Madison Southern I knew Rockcastle wasn't very good. Madison Southern didn't play all their starter and still played them to 6 points. No disrespect to Rockcastle but I believe many teams play intimidated by the name, but will that soon end this season?
  5. I look for Southern to be much improved but they still can't beat Bourbon. Bourbon Co. 42 Southern. 26
  6. Well Coach Browne isn't the nicest guy himself, have you ever met the guy in public, so that would explain his players behavior. Other than that MC is loaded with talent and could make a run, but if history of CEntral is any indication they will go 9-1 or 8-2 and lose early in the playoffs. Coach Browne's teams, have never done very well in the playoffs no matter where he has been. GURU, thank you for saying that about MC fans, finally somebody says this.
  7. I am a little upset with how poorly Madison Southern looked. I thought we would get better, but it looks like the same old same old. I stayed for the entire game and niether team played with any heart, and Rockcastle looked very young but could be decent. Rockcastle won 20 to 14, and I know it is early but that was a low level of football.
  8. Well they may have the best young running back in the state with Damien Harris and as usual they have very good skill players, but I think their O-line will be the factor in them having a good year. I think this will be a 4 and 6 team, with possibility to be better.
  9. Find coaches (assistants) that will stay longer than a week. I'm not kidding either.
  10. What about Brandon Snowden, he played there had a successful college career, and lives back in the area?
  11. The word in Berea is that Tony Cox has some serious interest in the Berea Community job. That would be interesting considering he coached at Madison Southern, and led them to there only 44th district title.
  12. Southern played their butts off and was up 10 in the 2nd half but kind of lost composure toward the final minutes. Franklin's speed was the difference because their defense was tough the last few minutes of the game. Hats off to Franklin Co. A decent end to an otherwise ugly season for Southern, the good thing is they only lose two players and only one of those players is valuable player. Madison Southern should be close to a 18 or 20 win team next year.
  13. It really doesn't matter, cause Central straight dominated. Good luck winning the 11th, Central should win it but it will be very tough.
  14. They were pulled with 3:32 in the 4th quarter...just watched the tape, Coach Feldhaus pulled them because they were pressing, and and on offense were trying to throw lobs from half court in. You are right the entire bench played but were subbed starting at the 3:32 mark.
  15. Press was still on, and their players only got pulled because they were trying to throw lobs from half court for about the entire 4th quarter.
  16. First off Madison Central has to be the favorite heading into the 11th region, but I'll say this. Madison Central is classless. Central was still pressing Southern with 2 minutes to go in the game. I hope you lose in the first round of the region Madison Central. You coaching staff deserves for you to get beat when you are up 30 on a team a minutes into the 3rd quarter and you press them the entire second half.
  17. Yeah, nobody argues this. I do know a few years ago the 44th was trying to get out of the 11th region and move into the Region the East and West Jessamine are in (not real sure which one), but the state said no. The point I was making about Berea from last year was the fact out of all the teams in the district last year Berea played Central tougher than Southern and Berea actually beat Southern kind of like Model beat them this year. Anyway, districts need to seed, I hate when teams go to the region that don't really deserve. You deserve it by beating somebody. All of you have made great points about this. As far as a new high school in Madison Co., it might happen, but it has been talked about for 10 or 15 years. I believe it when I see it.
  18. You are 100% correct, and to be honest with you they should just seed the 44th. Madison Southern is the only school to play all the 44th district opponents during the regular season, and I think all 4 schools should and just seed. Yes I am aware that mean in most year Central and Southern are your 1 and 2 seeds, but take for instance last year Berea was the 2nd best team and should have gotten to go to the 11th region tournament but they played Central in the first round. This year Model is the 2nd best team in the district according to record and by beating Southern, but if Model had drawn Central they would be crying about it. Just seed the district and be done with it.
  19. Madison Central vs. Berea Community Madison Southern vs. Model Of course Madison Central should and will win this district fairly easily, I do think the game betweem Model and Madison Southern will be a very good game. Model won the only meeting a few weeks ago, but Southern has gotten much better and looks totally different now that the Rothermel kid is back to rebound and play defense. People I think have forgotten that Shane Buttry was the 11th Region coach of the year a couple of seasons ago and even though his overall talent is down he continues to have competative teams which is a tribute to his ability to get the most out of his kids. I wish the 44th district would go to a draw, but Model and Berea will NEVER do that. Good luck to the Eagles and I hope you are the other team that represents the 44th district.
  20. Lexington Catholic is good, but Madison Central IMO has the best backcourt in the state. Catholic can beat Central, but I doubt it. As long as Hawkins is is in the game Catholic will struggle to win against MCHS.
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