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  1. Thanks for these updates guys. If I ever make it back to the Bluegrass and we're at a game together Coke on me. Yeah I'm cheap. Depending on the budget I may throw in a burger.
  2. Any where I can stream this? Now living in the Chicago area thanks to my job.
  3. CaMarr Myers, Bourbon Co. really came into his own after being made the feature back 4 games in.
  4. Was 19-12 Bourbon with 4 to go Harrison ball when my contact stopped.
  5. It was 14-7 at the half Bourbon per their Twitter feed.
  6. This district is going to be entertaining.
  7. The Colonels D seems to be gelling as many players seem to be coming into their own including Jonathan Duncan, Kyle Bradford, and Zach Hawkins. Whetstine and Williams sure do appreciate not having to carry the full load.
  8. Bourbon County has played a tough schedule to date with some disappointing outcomes. You'd just have to be there for. The player you're referencing went before the players this week to be voted back onto the team, now if he plays in this one is another story. But Camarr Myers showed he's more than capable in his place against a very good Paintsville team. I'm taking the Colonels but can't wait for the return of Mason Co. Watch for Colonels receiving tandem Titus Ransom and T.J. Whetstone both capable of the big play.
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