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  1. Thoughts on the best match-ups Friday night with a great atmosphere. Trying to figure out where to travel to watch a ball game.
  2. Mason County Scoring McNutt- 21 (8 reb) O'Mara- 12 Boone- 6 Frodge- 6 Reed- 2
  3. @gchs_uk9 That is correct, was supposedly thinking about transferring over the summer.
  4. Royals pull off a 1 point win at the fieldhouse in the murph classic. Royals jump out to a 28 to 6 lead at the end of 1 quarter. Followed by the Indians out scoring the royals 28-1 in the second. Halftime it was the Indians 34, Royals 29. In the 3rd the royals use a 17-0 run. At the end of 3 it was 50-47 3 huge runs in this game a 24-0 run by the royals, 36-3 run by the Indians, 17-0 run by the royals. Levi Dunaway led the royals with 25 points and 4 steals. Madison Central was led by Isaiah Cozart with 13 points, 18 rebounds, and 15 BLOCKS!!
  5. Yes didn't attack the basket much. Ryle scored 19 from the line, don't know about looking ahead just think they had a very off night shooting the ball.
  6. Won't win many games shooting 27 percent from the field, including 4 of 28 from three. Also when you shoot 7 free throws to Ryles 25.
  7. @maysvilleky I absolutely agree with you that they got killed on the boards this game, however I think they will get better as a team on rebounding the basketball and a lot of that has to do with when Ty Fox gets healthy. He will be a key guy to the royals success this year IMO.
  8. Mason County- 81 Simon Kenton- 77 Simon Kenton hit half court buzzer beater. Royals looked solid, really impressed with the play of Levi Dunaway. Dunaway finished with 36.
  9. Wheels start falling off in the 4th. Too many missed opportunities and not enough bodies for the boys in white. Royals showed great effort and played with heart tonight!
  10. Ashland- 35 Mason County- 14 1:59 left in 4th
  11. Ashland- 28 Mason County- 14 3:55 left in 4th
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