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  1. You asked me if I had a problem with the rankings, which I don't. Then you asked if I just hate Trinity? I stated that if they win they would move up. In my opinion, when they win and st x loses and everyone else maintains their course, I see Trinity moving up. If not, awesome, if they do, awesome. No knock, just my opinion. Keep up what your doing, I like it.
  2. I did not once say I had an issue with the Polls or that I had an issue with Trinity? Actually, I think the polls are spot on.
  3. why would you suggest that? I would think that after Male beats St. X and Trinity wins they will move up and X will move down?
  4. I'm sure after this week Trinity will move up to 4th because X will lose to Male and Trinity will win its 2nd game in a row, propelling them back to the top of 6A right below Male.
  5. You forgot the 5th score of the night for OC, the Scoop and Score by Jacob Ratliff and the field goal by Sean Ralls, so 6 scores by 6 different people, pretty balanced attack.
  6. This will be a good game. BC has shown some grit and their passing game came to life against OC with over 350 yards passing, while 299 of those yards came on only 5 completions (66,53,66,84,30). If South can control the run and stay deep on the play action they should win this.
  7. I think that you may see OC sit some kids that are banged up and you will see the starters out by start of 2nd quarter. As long as Homecoming is not a distraction to the kids they will be fine.
  8. I agree but if a fielder had more errors than chances we would notice or if there were more assists than baskets scored it would be noticed. You cant have more tackles than plays.....
  9. No knock at KHSAA on this, I was acknowledging which stats I was referring to. I just wish there was a way to make it so there was not a way to have more tackles than plays ran. seems easy enough. I could be wrong though.
  10. SO I was checking out the 5A leaders for tackles and something struck me as odd. I wont say names or anything because I'm not sure we are allowed but this player has a lot of tackles so I wanted to see the team stats to see what was going on. I looked at their 2nd game of the season, a 54-39 win. The stats entered said as a team they had 35 solo tackles and 52 assisted tackles. So that equals out to 61 plays ran because you can only have 1 solo or 2 assists per play. I looked at the team they played and here is where it gets funky. They ran 40 plays, with 6 going for TOUCHDOWN's so there were only 34 plays where there could have been a tackle? Add in the 9 kickoffs and the total plays jump to 43 plays. Then they said as a team they had 23 sacks in the game but the QB only has 15 carries for 9 yards (High school sacks are entered in rushing, on Sundays its team passing). Makes all stats look bad........
  11. I agree with Mike, the OC vs SO game this year was jammed packed and the atmosphere was awesome. The biggest for me was the 1988 KHSAA State Championship with duPont Manual (13-0) vs Trinity (13-0). Notables on the team were Jeff Brohm and Wes Jackson (who went on to play for UK at Center). They played at Old Cardinal Stadium and it was Jammed packed all the way around. As a player on that team it was CRAZY and LOUD!!!!
  12. On a side point, whats Crazy is this will be Waggener's 7th game of the season and they have played 1 home game.
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