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  1. Camels were 6-6 the year before Lickert took over. Won first round playoff game. How are they any better now? This is pretty much where they were and are now.
  2. IMO the defense was the problem,not the offense.
  3. IMO the deffence was the problem,not the offence.
  4. I added Beechwood and decided Heritage may be in Boone
  5. Simon Kenton, Scott, Dixie, Holmes, Ludlow, Calvary, Villa, Cov Latin, Cov Cath, St. Henry, Lloyd, Holy Cross and Beechwood. I think that is all of them.
  6. Don't overlook junior guard Josh Felts. Him and pouncy will be a great backcourt combo.
  7. Congrats to Jake! Glad to see all the blood, sweat, and tears pay off! :thumb: He will make a great college golfer!
  8. The shuttle hurdles is not ran in a regular meet.. Lets see Campbell would have Scharold winning the 800, Benard winning the mile, two top 4 finishers in the 400 with Johnson and Strange. The 2 mile Rawe would get CC some points. So in a regular meet i'd say CCHS would have the advantage. (See Donnie Carnes)
  9. Last year the CC freshman did not have a winning season, however the previous three years prior they were very successful winning seasons, so why all the talk about CC freshman coach. As for the CC red devil coach if my memory is correct he has been an avid Newport Central Catholic fan for a LONG time and wasn't there a vacancy there?
  10. What about Jordan Hicks GT? Any decision on him coming soon, also Matt James is a hot prospect right now.
  11. It is my understanding that they have not had try outs yet at some of the schools
  12. Kremer from Campbell County is only a Junior. My take would have to be Miles though. Looked unstoppable against Ryle!
  13. A little off topic here. But its June and I'm catching some football fever! Does anybody want to get a countdown started? :thumb: :ylsuper:
  14. Does anybody know who won the Boys and Girls AAA titles?
  15. They should be a contender for the 9th region All A.
  16. Where's the game going to be at tomorrow with CC and Bellevue??
  17. Does anyone know where i could get a blackberry pearl used? I don't want to pay full price for a new one and my contract isn't up with at & t for about another year or so.
  18. I expect Dayton to make a lot of noise in NKY this year, and shake up the 9th region All A classic!!
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