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  1. Whats CAL stand for? Never heard of them for some reason
  2. If I am correct Campbell and Harrison play in the championship tommorrow? Could someone please post a time, thanks
  3. This is not a St. Marys team, I believe the name of the team is the Celtics. They are primarily made up of St. Marys kids but this is a team selected for a boys planning on attending BBHS.
  4. Every league has its ups and downs. I personally love the NKYFL. The super bowl is what you want your kids to reach for. Everyone has to have a goal. Each league has its own right way. You have to know what situation is best for your own child. The competitiveness in the NKYFL is what drives my kids, so that works best. The bottom line is that there are more kids in the area playing football and that is what matters. Getting them interested in the sport will only benefit the high schools in the years to come. Great job to all the volunteers that put forth all their effort and to all the kids that dedicate their time to playng the sport. This thread could go on forever if the right way and wrong way issues keep continuing.
  5. St. Marys vs Highlands 7th grade If you were there on Friday it was a great 7th grade basketball game! Highlands came out on top 44-43 but it was back and forth the whole game and could have went either way. Would love to see a rematch. Great game to the whole group of boys on both sides!
  6. Is this the consolation game? Yes this was a consolation game. CC beat CCH 14-13 last night.
  7. Campbell 5-2 overall and 4-1 in division! Losses are to Simon Kenton and Cov Cath. Two remaining games are Ryle and Boone
  8. Erlanger Senior division Devils JR division Not sure about midgets.
  9. They are playing on the varsity field. That is where the CC frosh play all their home games.
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