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  1. Well according to Cal Preps predictions.. It would be [2008] Highlands 28, [2007] Highlands 27
  2. Don't understand why people have FC so low??
  3. Will anybody be posting updates of this game?? I sure hope so, good luck Raceland!!
  4. I agree! Not counting Cooper, every team has their running back coming back, and every team but Boone has their qb coming back! :eek:
  5. Read the whole article and didn't see anything with the papers?? Details GT??
  6. Whats the best site to get unlocked phones at?
  7. Ashland did scrimmage Campbell. Anyone remember how that went??
  8. How come it didn't show up in NKY, instead i think they showed the Pittsburg vs. Louisville game.
  9. I could not agree more!:thumb: Any sprints after this game for mustang players??
  10. As of right now I just heard there are a total of 10 players JV and varisty combined!! :eek:
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