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  1. They played Eschmen at Wide Reciever for just one play. Thats all, great game by the Camels. Scored when they needed to, and made all the big stops too.
  2. Haven't heard much of Deuce Finch this year, does anybody know how he is doing? BTW i also havent heard much of Tim Phillips either.
  3. Also heard big Nate Geimen isnt trying out, any truth to that?
  4. This game will be just for the kids who dont get many snaps in the JV game. Expect CC to dress maybe 15 kids. Most of the starters will not play. It will mainly be the kids who scrimmaged the freshmen team two weeks ago.
  5. I might have to go watch this, just to see St. X play.
  6. Campbell County beat Bellevue today 36-20. Move on to play the spartans in the semis
  7. Great comeback by the camels! Showed why they are one of the top JV teams in NKY, and they improve to 7-0.
  8. So if Boone beats Ryle. And Campbell beats SK and Newcath. Campbell will have the two seed, right?
  9. I agree about Ross! So is Zak Koenninger, Jimmy Brickler, and Cody Owens! The camels have something special in those 4 linebackers
  10. Why was this game played on a Thursday??
  11. Sounds like Campbell Countys JV. They are 5-0 and have looked really good.
  12. Great game Camels!! To bad somebody had to lose this game. Hard fought by both teams.
  13. FTBIGBIRD2, you can still go to the game. As it is on Saturday night.
  14. 1.Bugatti 2. HHS Dad 3. Strike 3 4. The Guru 5. NWO
  15. Rudy Remember The Titans Friday Night Lights
  16. 1. HHS Dad 2. Strike 3 3. Ram 4.The GuRu 5. Rockmom
  17. Boone County vs. Campbell County 1994? Shaun Alexander plays defense and returns a pick for 6 to win the game.
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