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  1. I think he is much more aggressive than Miller ever was. I like the energy that Pittman plays with, which Miller did not bring all the time in HS.
  2. You will beat any team by doing that. Very impressive
  3. Depends, if it is the tournament directors then I buy it. In many cases, it's the coach that chooses his player(s)
  4. I agree, you would have thought that the Camels could have taken advantage of the lack of CCH depth. Good thing CCH was not healthy, this could have been a very ugly night for the Camels
  5. I believe it was not a good shooting night because of the D that CCH played. Smith is a good kid, just out of his role in this game. He needed to step up and be a scorer and driver when it was obvious that Nerl and Albrect were being taken out of the game. It's just experience that the Camels lack at PG.
  6. This was an extremely impressive win for Holmes and a tremendous job of taking over the game
  7. Where were you ranked at the end of last season?
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