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  1. I know a few kids who played Knothole Baseball and where not going to mix the 2.
  2. Great movie. Clint one of the greastest actors ever.:popcorn:
  3. The Coach From Dayton don't know his name but doing a good job from what little talent he has. And I like the way he dont take backtalk from some of these kids. No matter if the kid was good player or not .He would sit them down right next to him. From 1 win to about 6 wins this year. He gets my vote
  4. Dayton had a good year. Good Coaching should be Coach of the Year.Alot coming back for Dayton next year. I hope the Head Coach sticks around for a few years. Congrats Devils
  5. Bellevue will have to be scrappy they are hurtin talent wise from freshmen all the way up
  6. I would like to see Dayton win. Just think bellevue has to much talent for this young Dayton team. Bellevue 11-1 win
  7. Thornton hit hr. Pitched very well. 3 runs came by baseloaded walks. Tim Smith Knocked in 2 With And Heritage Throwing error.James Jones Played great D even got two pickoffs of runners on 2nd base.Dayton had a good defensive game. I think they found a good chemistry of people on the infield.
  8. Final Dayton 9 Heritage 7. Good Game devils
  9. Has anybody herd any thing on this .Has rain washed out all the games?
  10. Yes.they play in the sec, Big East Showdown
  11. How does Dayton look? And whos's the starting QB. The Kid last year was a sr. Right?
  12. Dayton has no leadership And are very young. Think next year they make alittle more noise.
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