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  1. Technically Dayton had a kid kicked off the team, a hole buch of sophmores and other people playing, so dont act like Newport was missing people. Plus everyone will keep watching so when they play big teams they can lose.
  2. Sorry bud but they can not beat any big team's thats why they play a weak schedule, it doesnt matter what class your in they still have a week schedule.
  3. Technically Dayton had a few fumbles early in that game, Also no offence but if Newport has so many athletes why cant they win in there class.
  4. I wil take Dayton by 14, I think they are tired of losing so watch out for them to come out firing.
  5. Does anyone know what year Josh Quillen is and does he start Jv.
  6. I take Highlands by 21, Beechwood just got beat bad so there down.
  7. Did any one hear any updates or hear anything at all.
  8. I would say that Josh Quillen is an elite back up there.
  9. Just wondering if anyone knew who they had in the backfield this year.
  10. Who is in the elite pack as being skilled.:thumb::thumb:thumb
  11. I think Dayton will be tough, with all there main players coming back.
  12. I think that they got most of there starters back besides Devin Sparks, but they have a good class this year so watch out for Dayton.
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