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  1. Like some have mentioned, the huge adjustment in this game was New Cath going to the zone at about the 5 minute mark in the 4th. At that time CVH had gotten to the rim on a few possessions in a row and it looked like Coach R was going to be content putting it in his hands with a high ball screen to generate offense for the rest of the game. The zone put those thoughts to bed and made it extremely difficult for CC to get any good looks. The first possession after NCC switched to zone lasted about 1:15 before Cov Cath got a look. Great adjustment by Coach Dawn and the staff. Also, B Hall was phenomenal in the 2nd half. The only player CC had that I thought was even capable of guarding him was CVH, but they had to put him on Weyer for most of the game. After Hall took it hard to the basket for a bucket early in the 3rd, you could see his confidence start to pick up and then he was un-guardable. Great game to watch if you had no rooting interest. Feel bad for #1 for CC, had some really good looks and just couldn't get anything to fall. Ben Weyer was just a man last night. CVH did a pretty good job of slowing him down for a stretch, but he was just too much to handle in the end. For those saying that Weyer didn't have a "dominant" game against Cooper I have to ask what game were you watching? Although he wasn't quite as brilliant as he was last night, he continually made huge plays every time Cooper would make a run to close the gap. EVERY time Cooper got close Weyer either pulled down a big rebound or hit a shot to stop the bleeding. He was everything he was advertised to be in this tournament. He is easy to root for and I , for one, am glad and proud that he is representing the 9th region as player of the year. Congrats to Cov Cath and NCC on great seasons and good luck to the Breds next week, hopefully they bring home the title!
  2. Great post! Sorry for my part in this thread, was never my intention to draw away from an excellent game and the great career of Carson Williams. I think Spindoc hit it on the head with his assessment. I really enjoyed watching Carson's highlights on line the past few years and enjoyed watching his pre-game dunk show the other night and his game as well. I will definitely be rooting for him at NKU and he may actually be enough to get me to buy tickets to a few games.
  3. Making your judgments from pre-1981 results is comical. The here and now says that the 9th has won 2 titles more recently than the 8th. That is a fact. And no way Carson has better leaping ability than Barkley did as a Senior. I have done a million reports on Barkley since I was in the 4th grade, my favorite athlete of all time. He was jumping 4 ft fences to build his leg strength as a 6th grader. Go on with all your "knowledge" and "experience." Just a nicer way of saying outdated if you ask me...
  4. Some Covington catholic fans may share that view on a public forum, but I would venture to guess that most have a quiet confidence about their team. A team that hasn't lost since 1/12, has a track record of success in March and a great coach and staff. Not a mind reader, but I can't see why any of their fans would share your view based on the afore mentioned factors. I am a fan of the ninth, but more a fan of good basketball. Having no inside game cannot be a valid argument on why Owen would EASILY beat cov Cath, seeing as we both just watched a team beat them without 1 back to the basket post possession.
  5. Yes I was confused on that...still doesn't change my opinion. They are playing good ball right now
  6. I can assure you that Covington Catholic has improved every step of the way this season and will be playing their best ball this week. Seeing them 1 time over the Christmas Break doesn't exactly make you an expert. Not saying they will win state, but not counting them (or whoever wins the 9th) out of it just yet. You can show your love to Owen Co without making such ridiculous statements. This thread should be about a great game and the end of a special group of seniors high school careers, not your ridiculous opinions about who they could've beaten in your hypothetical land. You saw a game in December therefor you must know all about these other teams...
  7. I thought the refs did a fine job as well, just to clarify. Just saying the one official stuck out to me as making just about every call in the 2nd half. I can't say that he made any calls I thought were "bad." Just an observation, something that stuck out to me thinking back on the game
  8. I understand your love for Owen Co and Cason, but this is a ridiculous statement. The 9th has the #1 team in the Litkenhouse (or whatever they are called) Ratings and 3 or 4 other teams that would be tough match ups for Owen. Pump the brakes a little bit...
  9. This game was extremely physical, especially on rebounds, loose balls and on any play involving Carson Williams. This was my first time getting to see sCarson play in person and I can't express how impressed my group and I were with his demeanor throughout the game. He was constantly getting hung on, grabbed, pulled and pushed, the entire game and never once complained or even changed his expression. The South Oldham players did a great job handling his physicality as well and even though he scored 38, it still felt like they contained him, as crazy as that sounds. This would've been a tough game to officiate, to say the least, but one official in particular took it amongst himself to make 90% of the calls in the 2nd half. There was a stretch when he made at least 6 calls in a row. Anyone else notice that? It was like someone flipped a switch on him at halftime or something. Really liked #21 for SO as well, drove fearlessly all night and knocked down FT's. Had a terrific 2nd half for the Dragons. It was a great game, great atmosphere and well worth the drive to see this one in person.
  10. I thought about that after I posted. Please allow me to rephrase, "Based on their team's finish and POTENTIAL of success in the region" Still maybe faulty logic, but basically I like the way Goetz plays...
  11. McClendon is the only player on the list not to make the regional tournament. Not to say that I disagree with your rankings, but if not 1 other player deserves to make this list then I would at least switch his spot with Goetz based on team success alone.
  12. Final from Dayton on Senior night for the Greendevils. Senior Phillip McDaniel closed out his home career with a 20 point and 7 rebound effort to lead the way. Junior Draven Garcia tallied a double-double with 13 points and 12 rebounds. Adrian Hall added 16 points and added to his already impressive steals total on the season with 6 more tonight. Sophomore Mason Burden led all scorers with 26 points for the Black Devils. That kid can flat out score the ball and plays extremely hard. He will be tough to handle for the next 2 years. Dayton takes on Highlands Monday at 7:30 in the 36th district play in game at Bellevue.
  13. Meeting takes place Wednesday at Bellevue
  14. Shelby Valley won the Sweet Sixteen just a few years ago after winning back to back All A championships. Not sure if they are a true "A" school or not, but nonetheless, competed in and won both tournaments.
  15. Final Dayton gets back on the board with a win after a 3 slide. The Devils were led by 3 double figure scorers- Draven Garcia 17 points, Noah Patton 11 points and Devin Bright with 10 points. Senior Phillip McDaniel finished with 10 assists and 6 steals. 10 Greendevils got into the scoring column. Heritage won the 4th quarter 5-4. Dayton will take on Washington Co Friday with a trip to Western KY.
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