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  1. Two schools would play NC Newport and Homes. In 1967 Highlands played NC. hell of a game NC quarterback was Jonny Rapp he was out that game. I think NC won 8 to 0.
  2. 97% To Continue there education, 69% were offered scholarships,52% completed at least one AP course, 14% scored a 30 are better on there ACT test not bad.
  3. Hats off to No: 13 for Lloyd, the teams were late because of senior night and went to the locker room during the National Anthem, No: 13 stayed out by him self to surport the flag.
  4. No not at all they are up to around 1000 kids in there High School.
  5. Yes RC 9 but you are not small, your conferance, Highlands 498, Scoot 451, Homes 401, Lloyd 279, St Henery 288, Newport 215, Beechwood 211, Holy Cross 174 New cath 151 Brossard 130, also in your district you are three times there size.
  6. Tac first the season ends in june, then you have three week dead period, then summerball, and vacations thats why it is so late.
  7. Haley is the best ss I have seen in a long time. I hope she can play, she is the best 5 tool player on her team and in the region.
  8. Highlands should be put in AAA not AA with there enrollment close to 1000.
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