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  1. Congratulations Brossart! This game has developed into a nice rivalry.
  2. 2 wins against Bulldogs, congratulations Rebels.
  3. How did both teams look? I feel like both are ready to make some progress this season
  4. Light pole condemned? That's new, storm damage?
  5. I applaud his effort and agree, except in a situation where that information is too sensitive, like a divorce or medical reason. But then, a loophole is created again.
  6. If my memory is correct, he was fired because the school wanted the head coach to be a teacher and Bryson wasn't. Word has it Boone County will announce their new head coach at 6:45 tonight. Can anyone confirm?
  7. Congratulations and good luck to Coach Herbst. For those that don't know, Jesse was the defensive coordinator at Simon Kenton
  8. Haven't heard any names tossed around, but I do wonder if this is a job that requires a teacher in the building or a para that's well known in the community? I think Dayton requires head coaches to be teachers, maybe someone could verify that? This is going to be a tough job to fill, and whoever comes in has to know that it'll take a lot of patience.
  9. The big question is will Newport get the guy they want, or have to settle? What can Newport do to make this job desirable?
  10. This was an incredible game, with an awesome looking crowd. Feel bad for Eastwood's RB that fumbled on the last play after getting the 1st down.
  11. Dave Brausch is the new head coach. Very good hire by Bracken
  12. 2000 regional final, Brossart vs. Mason County. I wish someone had a video of that shot Mustang?....
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