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  1. Shelby County can have success for sure, but they're not the Shelby County of old. It will be an uphill battle to get out of the district every year.
  2. Anderson County honestly just isn't that good. That doesn't mean Drury can't work some magic before the post season, but he doesn't have a whole lot to work with. I will be surprised if they make it out of the district.
  3. I don't think Collins has come close to playing their best in the playoffs yet. They've struggled at times throwing and catching the ball, but their run game has been good enough that they haven't needed to throw it a ton. Defense has been solid all year against the run and they'll need to contiune that for sure against Franklin-Simpson. Like Tommy mentioned, their kicking game is a big plus for them as well. This is obviously their toughest test in the playoffs by far, so hopefully they get a few things cleaned up from the past couple of weeks and take their A game down to Franklin. Here's ho
  4. It sounds like Collins does something very similar to Trinity. This is the fourth time Collins will host their Thanksgiving morning practice in 8 seasons.
  5. Collins, Shelby County, and Spencer County are all no. I believe Henry County does have a light though.
  6. This is a nice surprise. If Collins can get at least 2/3 back they have a good shot in the 8th. Getting all 3 guys back would obviously be even better.
  7. South should still feel good about their chances. They always seem to turn it on in March. After all, they have won 3 of the last 4 titles.
  8. Not sure what Spencer County has to do with the Collins/South Oldham game, but Spencer County loses two of their top 3 scorers. I get it, you're excited because Spencer is better than usual (which isn't saying much), but constantly setting unrealistic expectations for these kids online does nothing to help them. Who knows, maybe Spencer County will be really good in a few years, but I think you might want to temper your expecations a little bit. They're hardly building the dynasty you preach on here daily.
  9. South has lost 3 in a row, but should get back to winning as they play a really weak schedule the rest of the way. Collins has to feel good about this one, especially if they can get everyone back by March. I'm sure these two will meet up again in Henry County.
  10. Rankings are great and all, but what about academics!? Seriously though, great job as always. Collins is top 3 for sure at full strength but we're about to find out how good they are minus 3 starters. It's next man up for the Titans right now.
  11. They were down 3 starters. Turner could be back by Monday but Feltner and Fort we're both injured at the end of the Spencer County game last night and will be out for a month or more.
  12. If Feltner and Fort are out that is huge for the Titans. Both are shooting north of 40% from 3 on the season. Hopefully they can recover quickly from their injuries. It was nice to see freshman Marcellus Vail step in and score 12 points. Between him and Davion McKnight, the Titans have some good young talent. Turner, Feltner, and Fort combined for 15 points and Collins was still in control the whole game. I'm sure they would love to play again in the district tournament.
  13. JR Lucas had around 330 yards passing I believe. Dalton Maggard had around 220 receiving and Roseberry had quite a few yards on the ground and through the air. Collins defense is still really bad and just about cost them again in this one. Central Hardin this Friday will be ugly.
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