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Who is Military?


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I am the first male on my Dad's side (starting with my grandfather) that did not go into the military.


My grandfather was a B52 pilot in WWII. He was shot down and was held as a POW.

My dad was commissioned out of college to the air force where he served for 4 years in WY playing with the big missles.

My Uncle was commissioned out of college into the air force where he became a fighter pilot. He retired a few years ago (2004 I believe) as a Lt. Gen.

My brother was commissioned out of college into the air force and became a programmer for GPS satelites. He served for 4 years and now works for Boeing doing the samething in the same building for 4 times the money.

My cousin, the general's son, was commissioned out of college into the navy where he still serves as a Lt. Commander (I believe).

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^ So what keeps you from having an inferiorty complex?



I am also the first to not go to college, or at least finish college. They are all products of UK except my cousin. He went to Rice. He has two sisters that both went to Texas A&M.

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I was in the Marine Corp from 1976-1980.


My father was a Marine and served in Korea during the Korean war.


My brother also served in the Marines


My oldest son is an Army 1st Lt. and a West Point grad of 2005. He spent a year in Afghanistan and is currently in Iraq.


My youngest son is in Army ROTC and should receive his commision in 2010.

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Guest Bluto

Father - Army (54-58) German/Czech border

Uncle - USMC (WWII) wounded off Roi-Namur (Pacific)

Uncle - Navy (WWII) Capt of LST; headed for the invasion of Japan (Operation Olympic) when the Atomic Bomb was dropped

Uncle - Air Force (52-54) fighter trainer (F-80s)

Uncle - Army (56-57) injured during training - discharged

Father in Law - (WWII) Chief Mechanic for P-47 Thunderbolt (Burma/India)

Uncle - Army (WWII) killed on Attu Island (Alaska)

Uncle - Navy (WWII) USS California battleship

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Hubby (PurpleHaze) Airforce during the campaign agains Libya....Disabled


Dad....Navy Seal...During Vietnam era


Brother-in-law (Deceased) Navy..During Vietnam era


PH had several uncles who fought in WWII and Korea. He also had a cousin that was a Marines during the Vietnam era. And another cousin who was in the Navy in the 1970's.


We have a nephew who was in the Army during the first Gulf War (Desert Storm).


One of PH's uncles was lost in the Bermuda Triangle in WWII.


My God Father was a Navy Seal with my dad and he is disabled....Ironically he is a double above the knee amputee like PH. He lost his legs on a land mine...he was the only one that was there that survived.

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I have never been in the military, although I have had several members of my family who were and one that currently is. I give my heartfelt thanks every day to the men and women who give all they can to protect us. You all (past and present) deserve all the accolades that can be bestowed upon you. Thank you again for all that you have done.

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My brother did tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.


My dad served in Vietnam (11th ArmCav/LRRP/ARP) and my grandfather served in WWII (11th ArmCav, combat engineer in Europe under Patton).


Fortunately, they all made it home in one piece (at least physically).

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