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Bluegrasspreps' Class 4A Rankings - Discussion (9/12)


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Class 4A

1. Johnson Central at 5A Harlan County

2. South Warren vs. 6A North Hardin

3. Wayne County vs. #9 Mercer County

4. Franklin-Simpson vs. 2A Monroe County

5. Hopkinsville vs. 5A #2 Christian County

6. Shelby County at 5A Bullitt East

7. John Hardin at 6A Central Hardin

8. Rockcastle County at 5A #9 Pulaski County

9. Mercer County at #3 Wayne County

10. Collins at 3A #5 Boyle County

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SW has all ready been knocked off. I really think some people are sleeping on a real solid Franklin Simpson team. Their offense is improving weekly and their defense is scary fast. They beat a really good Greenwood team at their house and held their offense in check until the last part of the game. Many will say they just got lucky, but these FS guys are good and getting better.

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Johnson Central is a solid football team. Everyone knows they are big and physical up front and have some tough Defensive players.


What has impressed me though is I am seeing a little bit more athleticism out of the Golden Eagles. Last year it was seemingly a bunch of big strong kids and two skill guys. This year they are letting Blanton do more and make more plays, and they have added some young talent like the Jackson kid that gives them a little more "get up and go"


Their Defense is very imposing.

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Wayne County has a very good team and so does Franklin-Simpson. I think either have a legit shot at Bowling Green on the right night. I also like Rockcastle County more and more. They are kind of a variation of Johnson Central. They have some passing talent though, but dont have the overall depth or Defense that JC has.


Hopkinsville has a superstar at QB and will be a tough out if he is locked in.


All in all I really like this Class right now... think this is probably the mot improved class from last season and there are about 10 teams I would put among the Top 35-40 or so overall teams in KY

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Greenwood exposed some things that FS must work on to be a legit contender.


The most impressive thing Friday night was after leading the entire game FS lost the lead with 2:00 remaining. They would not be denied. All the pain, cramps, and exhaustion seemed to dissipate during that last drive. The BG paper called it luck but to get lucky you have put yourself in a position to get lucky.

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I really think that Johnson Central's improved schedule will get them over the hump this season. While the 27 point win over Lexington Catholic was impressive, the two wins over the large WV schools tells me a lot about JC even without seeing them play. To beat two really good Charleston schools by a combined score of 53-12 is a scary thought for this Ashland fan. I do think JC will lose a game this season, but it won't be to anyone in 4A, more likely a 3A team.

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I agree Macdon. FS dominated for 3 1/2 qtrs. They must increase their conditioning with so many going both ways, and their offense is a work in process. They have some great backs that run disciplined and hard. Their QB is athletic and when he gets his timing down with his receivers (which are very skilled) they will be a force to reckon with. They are already good enough that their opponents can't put 8 in the box anymore. I also was impressed with their determination and NO quit attitude and that comes from their experience. Good team that could be great!

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1. Franklin Simpson

2 Johnson Cent.

3. S Warren.

4 Collins

5 Wayne

6 Shelby

7 Hopkinsville

8 Spencer

9 Rockcastle

10 J. Hardin, Mercer, East Jess.


Games of the week.

1. Mercer at Wayne ( Wayne )

2. N. Hardin at South Warren (SW )

3. Collins at Boyle ( Collins )

4. Hop town at Christian Co. Is this game still a war. (Christian )

5. J Hardin at C Hardin ( CH)

6. Rockcastle at Pulaski ( Pulaski )


Lots of games for teams to make some noise. Go 4A.

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Now you have been drinking the koolaid. SW are the kings of 4A until they are out and aren't playing anymore. The title goes through you guys. You guys gimpy and all just beat a really good CH team at their house. CJ will return this week and if not this week definitely next week. He's not going to let his hometown down. I really hope that you guys get healthy and when y'all and FS meet next Friday for a great HS football game. BTW... You guys will be favored every game from here on out.

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shh! South is done .Franklin is the team to beat .South 8 starters out 2 Litten and Haynes gimpy. it always fun being the underdog!


LOL, that is funny.

You just beat CH like they were nothing. Should take care of North this week and then Holy Cow, is FS/SW the next week?

Your loss to Greenwood has given the rest of us hope.

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