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  1. I don't care about total points returning as much as I look at what players are returning and can they pick up some point totals. Just by what has been posted, you look at SK with 14 kids off the roster returning says something. They were good last year. Can they continue to develop. Collins is returning a great trio of players. They can pick up the scoring and will be favorite to win 30th and compete for region.
  2. Oakley has worked in the school system for several years. IMO he is very respected in the community. I guess he decided to come out of coaching retirement. I hope it works out well for him and the crazy parents give him a chance.
  3. Always ideas and names but nothing upfront yet
  4. I follow and plenty more teams. Collins losing Feltner fort hurts but have plenty coming back and those numbers will go up for the returnees. They will be in hunt again for region. Shelby has tons returning especially TJ Robinson. Not sure about up north
  5. On a serious side for the locals, who is going to do the hiring?
  6. This is SC coaching thread. Someone please start a 18/19 8th region thread
  7. Sorry cards, but just reminding you where your bread is buttered. Yes they did beat Collins and was PO’ed about it. Maybe that is why we should go after AC if he doesn’t get or promised that job.
  8. Hearing the tall asst coach at Shelby is interested. Hyatt will never leave AC. Had a backing for the job last time and he pussed out and made several look like fools. I will go for a east end coach. Might pull some players. As far as the aau guy? Well he might be a good quality asst. he did have a great team that would be seeing a lot of playing time for Shelby this year but he talked them into going to other schools. Got to develope those kids and then build up at east middle. Will need someone who is willing to build that program. K thru 8 will be redistricted next year.
  9. Job is open. You will notice that their is quite a few head openings not on there. Football/baseball. He gone and looking for another. Fact checked!
  10. I guess you are right cards. Why would Shelby want him?? Anderson coaches pulls his pants and spanks him in district when he was favorite.
  11. Wonder if 8th region warrior would be interested? What other names do we have? Maybe a guy from Anderson? Someone off staff at South Oldham? I would find me a eastern Jefferson county coach. Just throwing some stuff out there
  12. Well cards if you are going to compete with Collins then you had better get some more transfers in. Maybe Shelby will go after Burns.
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